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Re: [News] Mandriva 2010 with KDE 4.4: Review

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____/ Snit on Tuesday 16 Feb 2010 18:15 : \____

> Rick stated in post rIWdnY0BpbguDOfWnZ2dnUVZ_tZi4p2d@xxxxxxxxxxxxx on
> 2/16/10 5:38 AM:
>> On Tue, 16 Feb 2010 12:26:23 +0000, White Spirit wrote:
>>> On 16/02/2010 01:18, Jerry McBride wrote:
>>>> My preferred Linux is Gentoo and I've been using KDE 4.4.0 for that
>>>> last few days now.
>>> I've been using it since 4.1 with Arch64 on my laptop and desktop
>>> machines.
>>>> Wow, this is what a desktop should be... It has all the bells and
>>>> whistles that you can want and performance that is unrivaled by any
>>>> previous version of KDE. Amazing... a lot like having and eating you
>>>> cake...
>>> I used to really dislike KDE but KDE4 won me over after the first few
>>> minutes of trying it.  Each version I have tried has been perfectly
>>> stable on my hardware.  I like the fact that they have rewritten Plasma
>>> from scratch as it integrates so much better than Compiz/Fusion.  It's
>>> the most usable and nicest looking desktop on any platform IMO.
>> I have tried KDE4 up through 4.4. They have finally put back per
>> workspace wallpaper and mouse button actions.
>> It seems to me that KDE is much more complex than it was before. I am not
>> sure if that is because I was so used to the the it used to work, or
>> because it actually is more complex.
>> At any rate, I will probably be using it with my next system upgrade,
>> either on OpenSuse, or PCLinuxOS.
>> For my information, why do you prefer Compiz over KDE's compositing
>> window manager?
> I will be giving KDE another try... looks like they have moved in some
> interesting directions.

I quite liked 4.1, but I didn't use it much at all. 4.3 is like 3.5 only a lot slicker and it
feels faster too (on the same hardware, although other factors like newer Linux
might be the cause of speedup).

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