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Re: Microsoft gets a $100 Million Annual Tax Cut, Possible Amnesty on Past Tax Evasion

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____/ GreyCloud on Tuesday 16 Feb 2010 15:47 : \____

> Richard Rasker wrote:
>> http://microsofttaxdodge.com/2010/02/washington-state-about-to-give-microsoft-a-100-million-tax-cut-annually.html
>> Yup, giving huge tax cuts to the rich is what this bill aims for:
>> http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=3176
>>  "Increasing state revenues to preserve funding for education, public
>>   safety, health care, and safety net services for elderly, disabled, and
>>   vulnerable people by preventing abusive tax avoidance transactions,
>>   narrowing or eliminating certain tax preferences, and providing equitable
>>   tax treatment."
>> Have I lost my understanding of the English language? How does giving a huge
>> tax break "increase state revenues"? And how does amnesty on past tax
>> evasion "prevent tax avoidance transactions"? And how on earth does leaving
>> the rich even more money "provide equitable tax treatment"?
>> Now who would be responsible for a bill like this in these dire times for
>> the state of Washington? Ah: "Rep. Hunter is a former Microsoft general
>> manager."
>> OK, so it's just abuse of power, corruption etc. on behalf of Microsoft.
>> Nothing new here. Let's be moving along...
> Major Corporations do not pay taxes.

Why would they if they run the system?

Former Microsoft manager engineers tax break 

,----[ Quote ]
| IT SEEMS THAT old loyalties carry a lot of weight for a former 
| Microsoft manager who entered politics.
| Facing a $2.8 billion deficit and pending insolvency, 
| Washington State's House of Representatives has pending 
| Bill 3176, which mysteriously proposes changes to the state 
| B&O royalty tax that would give Microsoft an estimated $100 
| million tax cut annually and possible amnesty for more than a 
| billion dollars in alleged past tax evasion.
| [...]
| While the shy and retiring Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer 
| claims that the Vole honours its local communities by providing 
| transparency in its business practices he doesn't say 
| much about the company's Nevada tax dodge.


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