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[News] "Faux Free Software" Exemplified

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aux Free Software & Open Source Articles

,----[ Quote ]
| Another possibility is that he is simply 
| writing something attacking Redhat based 
| upon some very loose research. His "Who am 
| I" page mentions being very close to 
| Microsoft, even enough to have had actual 
| meetings with Bill Gates.


miRoamer Joins Industry Consortium to Further Develop Open Source In-vehicle Infotainment Platform



Using open source as a marketing ploy

,----[ Quote ]
| This is typical trend riding fluff. If you go the Aras website you
| read about "Microsoft Enterprise Open Source Solutions", which is
| comical in and of itself.


Is Microsoft Hijacking Open Source?

,----[ Quote ]
| What really worries me is what looks like an emerging pattern in Microsoft's 
| behaviour. The EU agreement is perhaps the first fruit of this, but I predict 
| it will not be the last. What is happening is that Microsoft is effectively 
| being allowed to define the meaning of âopen sourceâ as it wishes, not as 
| everyone else understands the term. For example, in the pledge quoted above, 
| an open source project is ânot commercially distributed by its 
| participantsâ - and this is a distinction also made by Kroes and her FAQ.      
| In this context, the recent approval of two Microsoft licences as 
| officially âopen sourceâ is only going to make things worse. Although I felt 
| this was the right decision â to have ad hoc rules just because it's 
| Microsoft would damage the open source process - I also believe it's going to 
| prove a problem. After all, it means that Microsoft can rightfully point to 
| its OSI-approved licences as proof that open source and Microsoft no longer 
| stand in opposition to each other. This alone is likely to perplex people who 
| thought they understood what open source meant.       
| [...]
| What we are seeing here are a series of major assaults on different but 
| related fields â open source, open file formats and open standards. All are 
| directed to one goal: the hijacking of the very concept of openness. If we 
| are to stop this inner corrosion, we must point out whenever we see wilful 
| misuse and lazy misunderstandings of the term, and we must strive to make the  
| real state of affairs quite clear. If we don't, then core concepts like âopen 
| sourceâ will be massaged, kneaded and pummelled into uselessness.     


When open source projects close the process, something's wrong

,----[ Quote ]
| Twice in recent weeks open source projects have surprised me with their lack 
| of openness. In both cases, developers acted or spoke out in such a way as to 
| intentionally push other developers away from their work.  
| [...]
| The root of both problems is an unwillingness to commit to a truly open 
| development process. 

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