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Re: [News] London Stock Exchange CIO Possibly Loses Job After Foolishly Choosing Microsoft

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Monday 15 Feb 2010 12:07 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> High Plains Thumper on Monday:
>>> I didn't realise Italy used Windows.  Nonetheless, due to security
>>> risks and desire to maximise the performance of hardware requires
>>> going to true multitasking and secure OSens.  Only Unix and Linux
>>> provide this advantage.
>>> The fact LSE has decided on Linux with the historical backing from
>>> Linux usage at NYSE sets a definite precedence.
>>> If it will serve stock exchanges, it will also serve schools
>>> (already proven by the many deployments), corporate needs, and even
>>> the desktop.
>>> M$ is slowly on its way out.
>> Most of the executives are /already/ out. The CFO quit a few months
>> ago when Windows sales were down 40%. Everything was still down in
>> the last quarter, but Microsoft had cooked the books.
> Cooking the books is nothing new, remember reading about it some time
> ago, I found the link:
> http://www.billparish.com/msftfraudfacts.html
> [quote]
> 2) Speculating on Their Own Stock: Microsoft issues a massive amount of
> put options. During the same quarter ended 3/31/99, Microsoft sold put
> contracts on their own stock for $400 million, basically betting that
> the stock will not decline.  They need not worry because they are
> allowed to âcook the books.â Of Microsoftâs significant cash balance, it
> is also a financial fact that more than 65 percent of that cash did not
> originate from product sales but rather from tax benefits associated
> with the exercise of stock options, employees prepaying their own wages,
> and the sale of put contracts on its own stock.  Microsoft's financial
> innovation is making a mockery of financial integrity, ethics, and the
> securities laws, just as Insull did in the 1920's.
> [/quote]
> From that I gather that the pyramid scheme is finally tumbling with
> those at the top cashing out.  Similar to the trolling in COLA that
> smacks of astroturfing, here is a statement of interest:
> [quote]
> 5) Controlling the media. After issuing several press releases on PR
> Newswire, Microsoft told the service to stop issuing my press releases.
>  Microsoft is PR Newswire's largest client. PR Newswire is owned by
> Miller Freeman of the UK,  a large media company that publishes many
> computer related publications including Information Week in addition to
> Microsoft focused journals such as the Windows System Developer. Miller
> Freeman does indeed function as if it were a department of Microsoft itself.
> [/quote]
> Not only were the books cooked, but the media censored.  The press on
> court cases, the judges making available documents used in court have
> shown the public who cared to read of the shenanigans going on, to
> destroy competition and alter the IT landscape.
> What I consider more damaging was the loss in markets and employments by
> 3rd party providers, due to monopoly maintenance.  This monopoly
> maintenance not only extends from Microsoft but other software houses,
> too.  There used to be many cottage industry software houses.  Now,
> what's available are mainly from large corporations, without
> competition.  What happened to commercial proprietary software such as
> Generic CAD?  What happened to all the office automation suites?  Why is
> there such a small choice in graphic editing software and music editing
> sofware?
> FOSS has helped to fill the vacuum.

Have a look at this new post:


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