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[News] Red Hat Gets Banksters' Endorsement, Milestone in Jordan

  • Subject: [News] Red Hat Gets Banksters' Endorsement, Milestone in Jordan
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 23:46:34 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Morgan Stanley Maintains Red Hat at Equal-Weight, Sees Revenue Acceleration in 2011 (RHT)


Savvytek Lands the First Red-Hat Linux Virtualization Implementation Project at MEPS

,----[ Quote ]
| In partnership with Red Hat and Oracle; and 
| in their endeavor to lead the market 
| towards a more proficient, secure and 
| better performing infrastructural 
| solutions; Savvytek was chosen by Middle 
| East Payment Services (MEPS) to implement 
| their new core application - RS2 - based on 
| Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle 
| technologies. This technology migration 
| project comes to support MEPS direction in 
| building a Highly Available, Cost-
| EffectiveâReady Data center that hosts and 
| supports their mission-critical, dynamic 
| operation. 


Bring on the skins.

,----[ Quote ]
| Did you know that you can use Fedora 
| trademarks to create skins, application 
| themes, Firefox personas, and other such 
| application sprucer-uppers, pursuant to our 
| trademark guidelines? You can find this 
| change, along with complete usage 
| guidelines, through our trademark 
| guidelines page on the Fedora wiki.


Very recent:

Red Hat Announces Fourth Annual Innovation Awards

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider
| of open source solutions, today announced
| the launch of its fourth annual Red Hat
| Innovation awards to be presented at the
| 2010 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World, co-
| located in Boston, June 22-25, 2010. The
| Innovation Awards recognize and honor the
| creative use of Red Hat and JBoss solutions
| by customers, partners and the community.


Available Now: Fedora 12 Re-Spins

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora Linux 12 was officially released on
| November 17th, 2009 and it introduced Linux
| kernel 2.6.31, KDE SC 4.3 and GNOME 2.28,
| support for Moblin, as well as improved power
| management and webcam support, audio/video
| codec support and many more!

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