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[News] Top GNU/Linux Operating Systems for Sub-notebooks, Jolicloud Impresses

  • Subject: [News] Top GNU/Linux Operating Systems for Sub-notebooks, Jolicloud Impresses
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 00:12:13 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Top 5 Operating Systems for Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| My personal favorites are Windows 7 Home 
| Premium and Jolicloud, thanks to the ease use. 
| My HP Mini is currently running Windows 7 Home 
| Premium and runs Jolicloud off of a thumbdrive 
| when I want a different experience. I am also 
| testing out a Sony Vaio W which comes standard 
| with Windows 7 Starter and despite the 
| limitations of Starter I am getting by alright 
| so far; though I couldnât use it every day 
| thanks to the lack of multi-monitor support.


Jolicloud - A great Linux distro that blurs the line between desktop and web applications

,----[ Quote ]
| In the end Jolicloud manages to keep a good 
| mixture of native and web applications, and 
| abstracts the differences between them so you 
| can just focus on doing your work. This is one 
| OS to look for when it releases.



Jolicloud - Jolly good Linux (psst, don't tell anyone)

,----[ Quote ]
| Jolicloud is a really interesting distro. It
| works great, it provides out of the box
| experience for just about anyone and it's
| dead simple to install and maintain. It's a
| perfect solution for the common computer
| user. Even calling it Linux or distro might
| be too much, as it could scare away potential
| customers.
| [...]
| I believe Jolicloud will make it big. It has
| all the right ingredients for commercial
| success. One thing is sure, though. Year 2010
| is going to be an exciting year of the
| netbook wars, and now there's a new kid on
| the block. And it has big teeth and a
| knuckleduster. Watch out.


Jolicloud Pre-Beta Release

,----[ Quote ]
| Jolicloud is a respin of Ubuntu Netbook
| Remix (UNR), with the addition of
| significant new functionality through a
| slick and shiny menu system which
| incorporates a point-and-click method for
| system updates and the adding/deleting new
| software.  The system itself runs solidly
| and is fully functional, but the overall
| effort feels like it needs a further push
| to make it something truly new.  The
| âMyJolicloudâ feature will appeal to new
| users and recent Linux converts as it makes
| adding new programs incredibly easy, and
| concentrates an array of content in one
| easy to use place.


jolicloud - another Linux for Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| As I said, it looks to me like Jolicloud has
| in many ways the kind of "Social" orientation
| that Moblin has (see Facebook, Twitter etc.
| in the Apps shot above), but in my opinion
| they are doing a much better job of
| integrating it with Linux, keeping the whole
| thing much more familiar and accessible to
| experienced Linux users. Even more
| importantly, they have avoided the juvenile
| graphics that Moblin is riddled with, and
| they have actually produced an original and
| appealing interface. Their blog pomises that
| the "new UI" will be significantly better
| than this pre-Beta version, and if that is
| true it should be magnificent.


Jolicloud â A Linux Distribution for Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Jolicloud is no doubt turning out to be one
| very good Netbook centric OS.


Jolicloud Wants to be your Other Linux OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall this distro is pretty slick. It
| generally succeeds on the stated goal of
| delivering a Linux version that's easy to
| install and works well either as a replacement
| for your original Netbook OS or alongside.
| With the extensive list of supported Netbooks,
| it should prove to be a winner. You have no
| more excuses if you're looking for a solid
| Netbook OS without the Windows baggage.


Jolicloud thoughts

,----[ Quote ]
| The webpages on the Jolicloud site are also
| well thought out and well designed. More
| information about Jolicloud and support can be
| found on the community page. While you are
| here you will also notice that you can contact
| the Jolicloud crowd through Facebook, Flickr
| or IRC. The online documentation is quite
| good, although not as good or extensive as the
| documentation you will find in mainline
| GNU/Linux distributions such as Fedora,
| CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu.


Jolicloud Netbook OS is another cool Ubuntu based OS

,----[ Quote ]
| It is powered with Ubuntu operating system and
| uses Mozilla Prism technology a lot.


Jolicloud netbook OS reaches public beta


Jolicloud Launches Beta Version Of Its Netbook OS At Le Web


Jolicloud pre-beta now ready for download, and I love it


Jolicloud "Robby" Beta To Ship WIth Linux 2.6.32

,----[ Quote ]
| In early September we featured an article
| on Jolicloud Linux, which sought to
| provide innovations atop Ubuntu Netbook
| Remix by enriching the experience for
| cloud computing and through their
| Jolicloud service to have easy access to
| various web-based applications. At that
| time we were seeded with an early alpha
| build of Jolicloud, but this morning (just
| a day after we published the first Chrome
| OS benchmarks), their CEO has provided us
| with a pre-beta copy of Jolicloud
| (codenamed "Robby").


JOLICLOUD Linux OS review

,----[ Quote ]
| We have seen plethora of Linux variants
| based on Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch and so on. The
| people behind JOLICLOUD, a Linux OS say that
| we, the netbook owners will soon be
| âJolicloud-edâ. But, is being Joliclouded
| beneficial at all? Letâs see how is the new
| Jolicloud OS from a viewpoint of a die-hard
| Linux user.


Jolicloud - Distro Review

,----[ Quote ]
| All in all Jolicloud is a very solid netbook
| distro. It has replaced Ubuntu Karmic as the
| default operating system on my Asus EEE PC.
| If you own a tiny computer it is definitely
| one worth checking out. Rock solid distro
| thus far and I feel the Joli team will only
| deliver more spectacular features before
| they come into a full 1.0 release.


Jolicloud to usher return of thin client

,----[ Quote ]
| The availability of netbooks that ride on the
| maturity of cloud infrastructure is heralding the
| return of the thin client, says Jolicloud founder and
| CEO, Tariq Krim.


Jolicloud brings the stupidity of web apps to Linux netbooks.

,----[ Quote ]
| There may well be something I'm not getting here, but I
| honestly can't see what the big deal is about this new
| Jolicloud distro.
| I should point out that my experience was with an installation
| of Jolicloud within Easy Peasy, another netbook Linux with
| Ubuntu Netbook Remix. But I did try out Jolicloud proper on a
| previous occasion, and it didn't seem any different...


Jolicloud OS seeks to move past browsers

,----[ Quote ]
| Jolicloud starts with a great OS, Ubuntu Netbook Remix, and
| couples it with a different way to use existing web
| applications. We think the developers have done a great job
| integrating Prism into their interface and find it very
| usable. Only time will tell if users are willing to migrate
| from traditional browsing, to using web apps for what they
| really are: an application.


Jolicloud Innovates Atop Ubuntu Netbook Remix

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux distributions designed specifically for use on netbooks is nothing
| new. Canonical produces the Ubuntu Netbook Remix version of Ubuntu for
| these small-sized devices, Intel has their Moblin distribution that is
| very fast and offers an attractive interface, gOS has their own netbook
| distribution...
| [...]
| Jolicloud's 2.6.30 kernel is also built with GCC optimizations for the
| Intel Atom processor and has picked up several out-of-tree kernel modules
| to support different functionality like PCI overclocking and more WiFi
| drivers. Other core improvements include updating the Intel Linux graphics
| stack, striping out unused kernel modules, and making other performance
| refinements.


Jolicloud's Netbook OS is Getting Noticed, Looks Unique

,----[ Quote ]
| Malmrose isn't the only one taking notice of Jolicloud. CNet's Josh Lowensohn
| has taken the beta version of Jolicloud's OS through some early paces, and
| says: "I've been giving it a thorough run-though over the past few days and
| have come away impressed at what it's trying to do. Some bits and pieces are
| definitely still beta, but the underlying approach of making Web sites and
| software applications feel the same, as well as introducing users to new ones
| to use is really innovative." Does this unusual netbook operating system have
| a chance?


Installed Jolicloud, and WOW!

,----[ Quote ]
| This weekend, I installed Jolicloud on Leslee's netbook.  Jolicloud is
| currently in private alpha.  I put in for a key quite a long time ago.  A few
| months ago, I finally got accepted.  But....I've been really busy with the
| wedding and honeymoon, so it just sat there.  Now I regret it.  Wow,
| Jolicloud is phenominal.


Preview of Jolicloud: The social Netbook OS

,----[ Quote ]
| One of those, called Jolicloud is launching in beta in the next few months.
| Created by Tariq Krim, who founded and later left widget-based start page
| Netvibes, the alternate OS has been designed for Web workers, or people who
| do most of their work (or play) on Web applications and services.


Hands-on with an alpha of the Jolicloud netbook distro

,----[ Quote ]
| Jolicloud is a Linux-based netbook OS that is built on top of Canonical's
| Ubuntu Netbook Remix. It uses Mozilla's Prism environment to make Web
| applications accessible outside of the browser.


Checking out the Jolicloud Netbook OS

,----[ Quote ]
| That may, actually, be exactly what is needed to bring the concepts of Ubuntu
| Netbook Remix to the masses. Itâs too early to tell, but Jolicloud looks like
| it has a chance of being one of the first Linux-based netbook distros to take
| off, if they can get deals with hardware manufacturers.


Hands-On Review Of Jolicloud, The iPhonesque OS For Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Founder and former CEO of Netvibes Tariq Krim is moving forward with his
| ambitious Jolicloud project, looking to build a better operating system for
| web workers with netbooks (or smartbooks or cloud computers, whichever term
| you prefer). A couple of days ago, we got a couple of exclusive screenshots
| from the team, and just a day after the startup started sending out a handful
| of invite codes for early adopters who wanted to get a peak at the alpha
| developer release. I also got hold of one and have been using Jolicloud on my
| Acer Aspire ONE for about four days now. These are my initial findings.


Jolicloud â The Innovative OS For The Web-Centric Crowd

,----[ Quote ]
| For an OS that is still in alpha testing, Jolicloud is
| impressive. Surely there are plenty of bugs still need to be
| sorted out, but for the simple, yet user-friendly and easy
| to use interface, it really worth the praise.

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