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[News] Mobile World Turns to Free Software

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Smartphone Phenomenon Down to Open Source Coding

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course, though the fuel behind the fire, 
| experts are also warning that there are 
| obvious pitfalls to developers, in 
| particular the possibility of decreasing 
| standard as open source coding continues to 
| become available across platforms.


Symbian S^3 released: The open source mobile OS with fliptastic finger tricks 

,----[ Quote ]
| Symbianâs recent mobile operating system 
| dubbed S^3, will go down in history as the 
| companies first entirely open source 
| release 
| to engage more people in creating an 
| application environment free of 
| restrictions.


RIM switching to open source WebKit

,----[ Quote ]
| At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, 
| Research In Motion announced an overhaul of 
| its Blackberry phone web browser. Like the 
| iPhone and Android systems, the new browser 
| is WebKit based and is expected to be 
| available on Blackberry devices later this 
| year. in interviews Mike Lazardis, co-CEO 
| of RIM said "You'll see how quickly it 
| downloads, how quickly it renders and how 
| smooth it scrolls and zooms in".


Faster, better browser for BlackBerry 

,----[ Quote ]
| The use of open source WebKit browser 
| engine by RIM would give the Canadian 
| company parity with such other players in 
| the market as Apple and Google.



Could RIM Benefit From Open Source BlackBerry?

,----[ Quote ]
| Research In Motion often fields the question of whether it might follow
| Symbian's lead by making the BlackBerry OS open source. While there's nothing
| to suggest such a move is in the cards, RIM executives have acknowledged that
| this could make sense in certain types of scenarios, and BlackBerry
| developers are intrigued by the options this would afford them.


Will BlackBerry and Kindle go the open source route?

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source is flavor of the month in the mobile world, with Android and the
| Symbian Foundation showing off their wares, and the vendors of other mobile
| platforms are coming under pressure from developers and investors to consider
| going open too.


Testers sought for Blackberry-Linux sync software

,----[ Quote ]
| A developer of Mac-based sync utilities is seeking beta testers for what it
| calls "the first Linux-to-BlackBerry sync solution." Information Appliance
| Associates (IAA) is initially testing its free "PocketMac for BlackBerry,
| Linux Edition" software on Xandros Linux running the KDE PIM suite.

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