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[News] Extensive Review of SAM GNU/Linux

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SAM Linux - In the twilight zone 

,----[ Quote ]
| SAM Linux suffers from all the ailments of 
| a small distro. It has many great things, 
| but the integration is missing. The sum of 
| all parts is lower than the value of each. 
| Proper quality control is missing sorely, 
| beginning with the website design, via 
| hardware compatibility, all the way to 
| small details and annoyances that reduce 
| the professional look and feel of the final 
| desktop.
| Xfce is not the best choice, it seems, due 
| to cross-platform issues that arise, time 
| and again. Combined with other quirks that 
| arose during the testing, SAM Linux makes 
| for an odd choice. Gnome desktop would have 
| been much better, but then, there's 
| PCLinuxOS already. 
| [...]
| With a mixed experience and a slight fear, 
| I must conclude that SAM Linux is indeed 
| what it is, a small distro, floating 
| precariously on the thin cusp of the 
| twilight zone. With a little more work in 
| the polish department, it could be a very 
| decent choice. But today, SAM Linux 
| probably makes sense only to hardcore 
| followers and experienced users. 



Distro Review: SAM Linux 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Try out SAM for yourself and tell me how wrong I am if you
| like. You might find that itâs prefect for you.


SAM Linux - Great little OS

,----[ Quote ]
| While writing my column I was testing SAM Linux to feature as one of the
| Linux distributions released last month. And in playing around with it, I
| realized what an untapped treasure it is. Light apps, tasteful eyecandy,
| handy tools, multimedia and hardware support add up to make this one of the
| best out-of-the-box desktops available.


Distro Hoppin`: SAM Linux 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, if you like trying out new distributions, certainly give SAM a spin.
| Despite its problems, it brings forward some original elements that separates
| it from the crowd. Plus, it is packed with the latest and greatest software.
| I'm very curious about how the next release will be though, as the developers
| said that SAM 2009 is the last version using the PCLinuxOS base.


SAM Linux 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| SAM is a pleasant, small LiveCD distribution that doesn't use Gnome or KDE
| (although in all fairness XFce does use Gnome libraries). The software
| selection is small but covers most of the common themes users will want.



SAM Linux 2008 'Claws' rc1: A Brief Visual Tour

,----[ Quote ]
| So, that's the end of my brief tour of SAM Linux 2008. It's a hugely
| promising distribution and I'm fairly sure we're going to be hearing more
| about it in the future.
| Well worth a try, if only as a very useful live CD.


Review of SAM Linux 2007

,----[ Quote ]
| It's a nice release and the XCFE interface serves it well but I
| couldn't say I noticed any real performance gains over PCLOS'
| KDE window manager.
| [...]
| Someone once told me that SAM2007 is to PCLinuxOS what Mint was to Ubuntu
| and I agree; but probably not for the right reasons.

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