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[News] Censorship Takes Another Step Ahead in France, Speech Defended Elsewhere

  • Subject: [News] Censorship Takes Another Step Ahead in France, Speech Defended Elsewhere
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 21:58:03 +0000
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France Moves Closer to Unprecedented Internet Regulation

,----[ Quote ]
| The lower house of the French parliament has 
| approved a draft bill that will allow the 
| state unprecedented control over the 
| Internet. Although the government says it 
| will improve security for ordinary citizens, 
| civil rights activists are warning of a "new 
| level" of censorship and surveillance.
| For members of the French administration, it 
| is a law against digital crime. For civil 
| rights activists and politicians from 
| opposition parties, it is a plan for 
| censorship that excites fear and loathing -- 
| and even conjures up the specter of Big 
| Brother and the surveillance state. 


Move over, Australia: France taking 'Net censorship lead 

,----[ Quote ]
| Critics of government-mandated filtering 
| schemes contend that such programs first 
| focus on "child pornography" because it's 
| such an unobjectionable target for 
| censorshipâbut once the program is in place, 
| it's much easier to extend it to more 
| controversial areas, such as copyright 
| protection. At least the French have the 
| decency to admit that this is what's 
| happening.


Studentâs Facebook Tirade Against Teacher Is Protected Speech

,----[ Quote ]
| The score is 2-1 in favor of the First 
| Amendment when it comes to three federal 
| rulings this month on the limits of 
| studentsâ online, off-campus speech.
| The latest ruling, which supports the 
| student, concerned a former Florida high 
| senior who was reprimanded for 
| âcyberbullyingâ a teacher on Facebook. 
| Katherine Evans, now 20, was suspended two 
| years ago after creating a Facebook group 
| devoted to her English teacher.


Facebook gripes protected by free speech, ruling says



French lawmakers to vote on net filtering next Tuesday

,----[ Quote ]
| French lawmakers will vote next Tuesday on
| a proposal to filter Internet traffic. Part
| of a new security bill, the measure is
| intended to catch child pornographers, but
| critics say it won't succeed. Once the
| filtering system is in place, though, it
| will allow the government to censor other
| material too.
| The National Assembly has already spent two
| days debating the grandly titled "Bill on
| direction and planning for the performance
| of domestic security," known as Loppsi II
| in French, with deputies voting to reject
| all the amendments that sought to limit the
| Internet filtration provisions.


French Parliament approves Net censorship

,----[ Quote ]
| During the debate over the French security
| bill (LOPPSI), the government opposed all
| the amendments seeking to minimize the
| risks attached to filtering Internet sites.
| The refusal to make this measure
| experimental and temporary shows that the
| executive could not care less about its
| effectivity to tackle online child
| pornography or about its disastrous
| consequences. This measure will allow the
| French government to take control of the
| Internet, as the door is now open to the
| extension of Net filtering.


French Government Urged to Tax Online Ad Revenue

,----[ Quote ]
| A report commissioned by the French Minister
| of Culture FrÃdÃric Mitterrand urges the
| introduction of a tax on online advertising
| such as that carried by Google, which would be
| used to pay the creators of artistic and other
| works who lose out to online piracy.


France floats Google music-and-movie tax

,----[ Quote ]
| A new proposal to tax internet advertising
| revenue was among the recommendations offered
| by the government-appointed panel. Money
| raised would finance the availability of
| cultural material online and fund the
| protection of artists losing out to piracy.
| [...]
| Zelnick's recommendations follow the French
| government's efforts to pass its controversial
| "three strikes" law that would disconnect
| internet users repeatedly accused of illegal
| downloading. His reports also taps into fears
| of the growing influence of major internet
| companies.


French Pirates get 2.06% in by-election

,----[ Quote ]
| France's Parti Pirate fought its first election on Sunday.
| This was a by-election to the Natonal Assembly in the 10th
| district of Yvelines. The Pirate candidate was Maxime
| Rouquet, a 23 year old student, and he got 2.06% of the
| vote.


Music industry talks break down in illegal downloading row

,----[ Quote ]
| Many in the music business believe that the disunity,
| which has involved public spats between the FAC and
| artists such as Lily Allen, Abba and Muse, will derail
| Lord Mandelsonâs proposals, as the industry fails to
| present a united front.
| UK Music, the umbrella organisation for the whole music
| industry, has already dropped all mentions of
| disconnection from its public statements on the issue,
| in a desperate attempt to unite the industry. The
| consultation period for the plans ends in a weekâs time.

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