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Re: Dump XP for Linux?

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____/ Homer on Friday 19 Feb 2010 23:32 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> ____/ Nomen Nescio on Friday 19 Feb 2010 19:59 : \____
>>> http://blogs.zdnet.com/igeneration/?p=4100%20&tag=content;wrapper
>>> Zack is clearly advocating switching from XP to Ubuntu Linux.
>>> There's very little difference these days between Windows and Linux
>>> except that the latter is free and there's no vendor holding you
>>> leash.
>> Zack also used to work for Microsoft (as an intern).
> It shows.
> Take this comment, for example:
> [quote]
> even Ubuntu has started supporting incredibly powerful hardware
> [/quote]
> First, I think he means the Linux kernel, not "Ubuntu", and of course
> this would then apply to every distro.
> Second, what is this nonsense "incredibly powerful hardware" supposed to
> mean? The only three components that could reasonably be described in
> terms of "power", are the PSU, the CPU and the GPU. PSUs, in general,
> don't really require much in the way of "support", and other than major
> architecture support (which Linux leads by a mile), the same thing goes
> for CPUs (either it works or it doesn't). So he must be talking about
> the GPU, and of course all three main players (Nvidia, ATi and Intel)
> provide unified drivers which are pretty much the same codebase for all
> three main platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux). Neither the proprietary
> nor the Free drivers for this hardware have anything to do with
> "Ubuntu", and these drivers have been available (and current) for years,
> so what the hell is he talking about?
> Third, Linux (or "Ubuntu", as our Windroid friend calls it) has not just
> "started" to support this "incredibly powerful hardware". Linux supports
> hardware, "powerful" or otherwise, whenever there's the demand (and
> subsequent patches) to support it. To listen to this ex-Softie, you'd
> think Ubuntu had just started some revolutionary initiative involving a
> mysterious piece of "incredibly powerful hardware".
> OK, so the underlying sentiment is admirable, but why do all Softies
> have to talk like brainless salesmen? It's extremely irritating.

I think he means well. But he is still a Windows booster not worthy of a ZDNet
blog (not that their quality is ever high). He's the youngest among them.

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