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Re: Dump XP for Linux?

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Saturday 20 Feb 2010 13:48 : \____

> Homer pulled this Usenet boner:
>> Third, Linux (or "Ubuntu", as our Windroid friend calls it) has not just
>> "started" to support this "incredibly powerful hardware". Linux supports
>> hardware, "powerful" or otherwise, whenever there's the demand (and
>> subsequent patches) to support it. To listen to this ex-Softie, you'd
>> think Ubuntu had just started some revolutionary initiative involving a
>> mysterious piece of "incredibly powerful hardware".
>> OK, so the underlying sentiment is admirable, but why do all Softies
>> have to talk like brainless salesmen? It's extremely irritating.
> It's likely part of their culture to focus on "How many boxes will it sell?"

Microsoft has IDC count things in the same way. It works well for Microsoft.

Noticed how Xbox 360 sales and search market share are always measured for the
US alone...? They try to lie through improper extrapolation. 

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