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Re: Troll-Free COLA Stats: Saturday the 20th of February, 2010.

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Saturday 20 Feb 2010 17:15 : \____

> wispygalaxy pulled this Usenet boner:
>> Yes, it's good to have new viewpoints.  Maybe someone can approach Linux
>> advocacy from a new angle.  Do the Wintrolls *ever* have anything nice to
>> say about Linux?  Why does Linux make them so angry?
> There's your new angle, wispy!  Linux advocacy pisses-off trolls!
> Linux advocacy makes them angry!  Linux advocacy makes them make fools of
> themselves with nasty, lying, crazy talk!
> Drive a troll nuts... advocate Linux!
> May I take this opportunity to say just how nice it is to have 64-bit Linux
> running on this low-voltage laptop?  A beautiful, spare desktop.  A ton of
> applications, for fun, internet activity, and code development.  It even
> supports a lot of Windows shiznet.  I'm loving it!
> And keep being nice, wispy.  Drives trolls crazy!
>    :-D

Yes, we're supposed to fight and hate one another.

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		~~ Best of wishes

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syphilis." -- Joe Zeff
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