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[News] GNU/Linux Enjoys VM Prowess

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Linux and the Power of Virtual Mega-Machines

,----[ Quote ]
| Currently, the vast majority of workloads 
| requiring a large number of processing cores 
| or large memory have already moved or are in 
| the process of moving to Linux.
| These once-proprietary Unix applications have 
| been relatively easy to migrate or are 
| increasingly being written for a Linux or open 
| source operating system alternative. This 
| makes it inherently easier for these workloads 
| to move to x86 infrastructure, providing more 
| flexibility in their deployment models and 
| giving customers the ability to take advantage 
| of higher-performance and lower-cost 
| commoditized systems.


Virtual Appliances Offer Fast Sandboxes, Production Environments

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the most obvious benefits of free and 
| open source software is the ability to 
| download world-class software and implement it 
| gratis on your system. But, sometimes, there 
| is a big difference between theory and action.
| I'm not talking about installing desktop 
| applications like Firefox, OpenOffice.org, or 
| GIMP. Most of the Linux distributions have by 
| now made this process newbie-simple, and 
| Windows and Mac systems have never had a 
| problem with installation. Rather, I am 
| talking about complex server systems, like 
| Ruby on Rails, Tomcat, Joomla!, or Drupal. 
| Regardless of platform, getting one of these 
| instances running can range from a bit tricky 
| to downright hair-pulling.


TestDrive - Test Drive an Ubuntu ISO in a Virtual Machine



Just Today: Download of VMware Image of Google Chrome OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has prepared its Chromium OS, alias
| Chromium, for download. Anyone hesitant to
| intall if from source code will find a
| functioning VMware image from Linux Magazine
| Online.

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