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[News] Wealth of KDE SC 4.4 Coverage, Raves

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Easy folder sharing in KDE 4.4


Window-specific options in KDE 4.4


How to install KDE Software Compilation 4.4 from PPA in ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic)

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE announces the immediate availability of 
| the KDE Software Compilation 4.4 on 9th feb 
| 2010, âCaikakuâ, bringing an innovative 
| collection of applications to Free Software 
| users. Major new technologies have been 
| introduced, including social networking and 
| online collaboration features, a new netbook-
| oriented interface and infrastructural 
| innovations such as the KAuth authentication 
| framework. According to KDEâs bug-tracking 
| system, 7293 bugs have been fixed and 1433 new 
| feature requests were implemented. The KDE 
| community would like to thank everybody who 
| has helped to make this release possible.


Arch Linux + Kdevelop + Irrlicht 3D + Blender

,----[ Quote ]
| Kdevelop was another application that I 
| noticed was much quicker. Under Ubuntu I could 
| barley use KDE as it was but now I can use KDE 
| and the KDevelopment system and I have no lag 
| issues at all. Iâm really starting to wonder 
| what the Ubuntu team is adding to their 
| distribution to make it such a hog.


Getting Google Calendar to work with KDEâs KOrganizer, Kontact and KMail (on Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala)


KDE or Openbox

,----[ Quote ]
| I love KDE, and the latest release is better 
| than ever. Itâs easy, fast, beautiful, all 
| that.
| So when I installed Arch on another partition 
| in another attempt to to find the cause behind 
| those pesky network problems, and I slapped 
| Openbox on it because I didnât want to waste 
| my bandwidth on a KDE install Iâd never use, I 
| certainly didnât think I would consider using 
| it full time.



KDE 4.4 Mail Misunderstanding Explained & Akregator Surprize

,----[ Quote ]
| I've gotten quite a few responses to my
| quickie look at KDE 4.4 under Mandriva
| written for this week's Distrowatch Weekly.
| One of which came from Aaron J. Seigo
| himself. I thought I might share some of
| what he said since several people expressed
| similar concerns on the topic here in
| comments. I also found one really super-
| duper neato new feature in Akegator in 4.4
| that deserves a mention.
| [...]
| Akregator used to display polls and such as
| plain text, but with 4.3.2 polls rendered
| in radio-button or clickable format. That
| was kinda nice. But today I discovered
| something even better.
| For Webmasters/bloggers/whoever that allow
| such, videos can now be watched right from
| Akregator. I don't know any real details,
| if only certain formats are supported and
| such, but I'm almost thinking they'd have
| to be oggs. I'm not sure if Flash videos
| would work as I disable all such in
| Konqueror/KDE. I'll check next time I see
| where someone embeds one in a feed.


Personalizing KDE 4.4

,----[ Quote ]
| Sticking with our KDE theme this week, itâs
| time to learn how to make KDE 4.4 yours.
| Youâve downloaded it, youâve used it, and
| now you want to personalize it. You might
| find things are  a bit different than the
| KDEs of yore (especially if youâre just
| coming into KDE from 3.5). But no matter
| what release youâre coming from, itâs
| always good to know where and how to
| configure the look and feel of your
| desktop.
| In this article I am going to show you how
| to make KDE 4.4 look and feel just the way
| you want it to. We wonât bother getting
| into setting up Compiz, this is just
| straight up KDE goodness. Nor will we
| discuss the installation of KDE â I will
| assume that is already complete.


KDE 4.4 Review, Screenshot Tour (and KDE 4.0 Comparison)

,----[ Quote ]
| 21,000 closed bugs later, the KDE team has
| announced the new KDE 4.4 and I simply had
| to take a look. After all, the last time I
| took KDE 4 Series for a spin was back when
| I still thought open source was one word.
| To think I actually praised this thing:
| Most of you will remember the flak KDE got
| for releasing an immature desktop
| environment experiment as âgoldâ, and
| rightfully so: even though many Linux
| distributions almost immediately included
| it, nobody could really fit the unstable
| KDE 4.0 into their workflow.
| [...]
| This review of course depended greatly on
| the quality of the KDE 4.4 integration in
| Fedora 13, so take it with a pinch of salt,
| though Iâm confident you will get pretty
| much the same experience on production
| releases. I recommend you try KDE 4.4 only
| if you have a decently powerful machine, I
| wouldnât run it on a netbook, to be honest,
| it consumes more resources than other
| lighter desktop environments. The KDE guys
| are doing an excellent job and they deserve
| more users, so give v4.4 a try, it might
| just be a keeper!


KDE Review: KDE 4.4 Comes in from the Cold

,----[ Quote ]
| Between radical changes and limited
| functionality, the KDE 4 series got off to
| a rough start. However, with each release,
| KDE 4 has improved steadily and silenced
| more critics. Now, with the KDE 4.4
| release, the series has reached first
| maturity.
| Those who expect everything to behave
| exactly as it did in the KDE 3 series may
| still struggle with 4.4. But, for those
| willing to accept change, 4.4 has no
| shortage of new features to offer, ranging
| from the implementation of several long-
| term directions to enhanced usability on
| the desktop -- including Plasma Netbook, a
| new interface designed specifically for
| netbook computers.
| [...]
| But, by far the greatest desktop innovation
| in KDE 4.4 is one that is also the simplest
| -- the ability to group windows by tabs.
| This feature is implemented by a single
| item added to each window's menu. Yet the
| implications for easing users' workflow is
| immense.


Five useful KDE 4.4 widgets

,----[ Quote ]
| With the rise of KDE 4.4 comes a new crop
| of desktop widgets (or Plasmoids). Earlier
| renditions of KDE 4.x saw the Plasmoids
| less than useful. The latest workings,
| however, have become quite useful,
| productive even.
| In this article I will introduce you to
| five of those Plasmoids that can help your
| productivity in one way or another. I will
| also show you how the Plasmoids are now
| installed.


Installing KDE 4.4 in Ubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora And ArchLinux


KDE SC 4.4: A Worthy (though not perfect) Upgrade

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