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[News] Internet Under Attack and the BBC Participates in Attack

  • Subject: [News] Internet Under Attack and the BBC Participates in Attack
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 08:59:55 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Filtering round up: French filtering, Ireland backs off, UK sidesteps?

,----[ Quote ]
| Meanwhile in a surprising twist, Eirecom have 
| apparently pulled out of the negotiated 
| settlement they reached in January 2009 to 
| disconnect subscribers "repeatedly" using P2P 
| for (alleged) illicit downloading. This was 
| the result of the Irish court case brought 
| against them by various parts of the music 
| industry for hosting illegal downloads, and 
| appeared to open up a route to "voluntary" 
| notice and disconnection schemes on the part 
| of the ISP industry; a worrying trend both for 
| advocates of free speech, privacy, due 
| process, ISP immunity and net neutrality.


UK Music complains to BBC over report on Digital Economy Bill

,----[ Quote ]
| UK Music has filed a formal complaint to the 
| BBC over what it believes is a breach of the 
| corporation's editorial guidelines on accuracy 
| and impartiality. The complaint relates to an 
| an edition of The Culture Show broadcast on 
| BBC2 on 4 February, 2010, which featured a 
| segment on the Digital Economy Bill (DEB), 
| which includes measures on clamping down on 
| illegal filesharing.
| The umbrella organisation that promotes the 
| interests of Britain's music industry claimed 
| the programme-makers misrepresented certain 
| facts relating to the bill that had been 
| presented to them in advance. In a letter to 
| the editor of the show, UK Music stated that 
| this resulted in a broadcast it believes was 
| not only grossly misleading and inaccurate, 
| but also misinformed the audience in a biased 
| and prejudicial manner.


BBC iplayer DRM raises its head again: now for the iphone

,----[ Quote ]
| But with iplayer, and other DRM systems, you 
| are point blank breaking the law if you take 
| that speech and use it â even though you wish 
| to exercise your right to free speech, 
| supposedly guaranteed in copyright law. This 
| is because it is also illegal to get round 
| copy restriction systems.
| Thatâs right. You must break the law to use 
| your legal rights. Thatâs very wrong. In a 
| world full of bloggers, where free speech is 
| genuinely being exercised publicly by 
| thousands of individuals, these rights really 
| matter.


[BBC presenter] Ray Gosling had already told friends about killing his former lover


Newspaper publishers lean on the BBC Trust 

,----[ Quote ]
| which is adopting a King Canute strategy 
| against new technology, is trying to stop the 
| BBC from making its content available on 
| mobile phones.



Why did Ofcom back down over DRM at the BBC?

,----[ Quote ]
| Back before the Christmas break, it looked
| like Ofcom was ready to do its duty and
| stop the BBC from adding digital rights
| management technology to its high-
| definition broadcasts. After all, DRM
| doesn't actually prevent copying â even the
| BBC agrees that the scheme it's proposed
| won't stop a determined copier, and once
| that copy is on the internet, everyone else
| will be able to get at it with a couple of
| clicks.
| And DRM imposes social, monetary and public
| interest costs: a DRM scheme will never be
| able to embody the flexibility built into
| the law that instructs judges to carefully
| weigh up the copyright holder's exclusive
| rights against the public's legitimate use
| of copyrighted works for personal
| archiving, format-shifting, commentary,
| education, and the other traditional uses
| that have fallen outside of the exclusive
| purview of copyright corporations to
| approve.
| [...]
| I love the Beeb, honestly I do. I am just
| as worried about charter renewal in 2016 as
| anyone in White City. But how on Earth can
| the BBC's masters believe that adding DRM
| will win over the affection of the Britons
| whose support Auntie will need during the
| next government?

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