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[News] The Real Purpose of ACTA and Other Disturbing Developments Involving Copyright

  • Subject: [News] The Real Purpose of ACTA and Other Disturbing Developments Involving Copyright
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 09:05:20 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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The Real Purpose of ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| So it is obvious that whatever ACTA is, it 
| isnât a trade agreement. I came to this 
| conclusion before Christmas 2009, but didnât 
| publish anything at the time, because I had no 
| conclusive proof that it wasnât a trade 
| agreement. Itâs obvious that something was 
| being negotiated, but what?
| The situation reminded me of the World War 2 
| Allied deception plans that were put in place 
| to fool the Germans into thinking that the 
| invasion of Europe would be anywhere other 
| than Normandy.
| So if ACTA is a deception plan, what is it 
| hiding?
| [...]
| The main points I got from her recording were:
|    1. ACTA would not require any changes to IP 
|    laws. Note that this is impossible if the 
|    Treaty actually had anything to do with IP, 
|    but he was adamant on this point.
|    2. He kept mentioning Prince William. He 
|    seemed to thing that Prince William would 
|    become King of the United States, as well 
|    as England, Canada, Australia, and Mexico.
|    3. He was under the impression that no one 
|    would accept Prince Charles as King, due to 
|    his marriage to a divorced woman, an 
|    exceptionally archaic viewpoint as far as I 
|    am concerned.
|    4. He then confirmed that ACTA would 
|    require changes to laws. When she 
|    questioned him on this, as he had said 
|    earlier that it wouldnât require changes, 
|    he said âI said it wouldnât require changes 
|    to IP laws, I didnât say it wouldnât 
|    require changes to other lawsâ.
|    5. He then proceeded to mumble about how 
|    paranoid the Americans were, and how wrong 
|    they were about the âNew World Order.â


Time To Change (Or Ditch) The USTR Special 301 Process That Pressures Other Countries To Adapt US IP Laws

,----[ Quote ]
| In the meantime, EFF and Public Knowledge have 
| teamed up to ask the USTR to change the 
| process and, at the very least, stop taking 
| the word of industry lobbyists as if it were 
| gospel. They also suggested that the USTR be 
| more flexible in allowing countries to set 
| their own IP policy -- noting, amusingly, that 
| the US itself famously didn't implement its 
| "international obligations" in the Berne 
| Treaty for decades, because the country felt 
| differently about certain aspects of copyright 
| law. Hell, even today we're not in full 
| compliance with Berne. But for some reason the 
| USTR acts as if other countries need to fall 
| in line with US IP policy, even as we've 
| chosen to go in a different direction when we 
| felt it was warranted. 


Illicit File-Sharing and Streaming of TV Shows Increases

,----[ Quote ]
| A new report by a consultancy firm 
| specializing in analyzing consumer consumption 
| of digital media reveals that during the last 
| quarter of 2009, increasing numbers of Swedes 
| accessed unauthorized movies and TV shows 
| online. The research indicates that the 
| downward trend provoked by the introduction of 
| the IPRED legislation is over.


Infographic: buying DVDs vs pirating them

,----[ Quote ]
| I rip all my kid's DVDs (not least because she 
| has a tendency to scratch them to hell), and 
| the difference between firing up a movie on a 
| laptop and it just starting versus trying to 
| explain to a toddler why Daddy has to spend 
| five minutes pressing next-next-next menu-
| menu-menu is enormous.


Book Publishers Circulating 'Talking Points' To Counter Arguments That Ebook Prices Need To Go Lower

,----[ Quote ]
| For a while now, we've been discussing how the 
| pricing on ebooks doesn't make much sense, and 
| almost certainly needs to fall. Like many 
| industries, the book business could learn a 
| lot from other businesses that have realized 
| that drastically lowering the price on digital 
| goods can massively increase sales, and better 
| maximize profits. But, instead, book 
| publishers seem to be pushing in the opposite 
| direction, and trying to push the price of 
| digital books up. We recently wrote about a NY 
| Times article that suggested consumers might 
| revolt if the publishers keep moving in this 
| direction, which is actually supported by 
| reports of how consumers are reacting to 
| publishers' anti-consumer activities with 
| regards to ebooks.



Alvaro asks 9 questions to the Commission about ACTA, including
3 strikes and transparency

,----[ Quote ]
| Alexander Alvaro (ALDE) has asked 9 questions
| about ACTA, including 3 strikes and
| transparency, or the access by the INTA
| committee to the drafts documents. He is also
| asking about changes to substantive patent
| law (read software patents here).


Tell USTR balanced copyright is important

,----[ Quote ]
| Under the Special 301 process the U.S.T.R.
| seeks input from U.S. copyright, trademark,
| and patent owners about whether policies and
| practices in foreign countries deny them
| adequate IP protection. The process has
| generally been used by IP holders to complain
| not only about lax enforcement in other
| countries, but also about limitations and
| exceptions in their laws that are beneficial
| to libraries, to education, to innovation,
| and to the public interest generally. The
| ability to comment in the Special 301 process
| is not limited to IP owners only. Any member
| of the public is free to file comments. If
| you believe in the importance of balanced
| copyright policies, file comments with the
| USTR and make your voice heard.


USTR suggests fears over ACTA are based on âmisconceptionsâ

,----[ Quote ]
| Documents leaked late last year containing
| sections of the draft agreement led to
| speculation that the treaty would focus
| more on copyright reform, in light of
| increased digitization, than on trademarks
| and the fight against counterfeiting (see
| âLeaks drive fears over ACTAâ).


Report: Three-Strikes On ACTA Agenda

,----[ Quote ]
| Three-strikes style measures to tackle
| illegal file-sharing are being secretly
| discussed at the anti-counterfeiting trade
| agreement (ACTA) talks in Mexico.


USTR Insists Gov't Isn't Keeping ACTA Secret

,----[ Quote ]
| Okay. Pick your jaws up off the floor. That
| last sentence is so ridiculous and so
| false; it's amazing he thought that he
| could get away with it. Exactly which
| governments have "sought public comments"
| on ACTA? The answer? None. Why? Because no
| government has yet revealed what ACTA is
| officially. Hell, in the most recent ACTA
| negotiations, held in Mexico, the
| government wanted to force the public to
| sign NDAs just to attend a public meeting,
| and then had industry representatives
| mocking public concerns and demanding that
| a blogger leave the proceedings for live
| Tweeting the meetings. Yes, "sought public
| comments" indeed. Does he think that if he
| says day is night people just believe him?
| And the idea that the government is "far
| from keeping [ACTA] secret" is pure
| hogwash. A comparison of ACTA secrecy to
| similar negotiations suggest that ACTA is
| being kept exceptionally secret.


Only Idiots Assume by Liam Mullone and Hils Barker


Digital Economy Bill bill could 'breach rights'

,----[ Quote ]
| An influential group of MPs and peers has
| said the government's approach to illegal
| file-sharing could breach the rights of
| internet users.


UGA employee accused of extortion

,----[ Quote ]
| A UGA employee is accused of trying to bilk
| money from students in exchange for
| covering up alleged computer violations,
| according to university police.


ACTA Attacks Internet! Let's Attack ACTA!

,----[ Quote ]
| Negotiations on the Anti-Counterfeiting
| Trade Agreement (ACTA)1 will take place
| from January 26th to January 29th in
| Mexico. ACTA aims at controlling the
| Internet, while conveniently circumventing
| democratic processes. Unelected negotiators
| - carrying out the orders of the
| entertainment industries - are attacking
| the very essence of the Internet. Let's
| attack ACTA! Let's expose its negotiators
| to make them face their responsibilities!


ACTA and three strikes

,----[ Quote ]
| Luc Devigne for instance advocates for the
| French âthree strikesâ rule concerning
| ISPs. Such measures are not yet part of the
| acquis communautaire, in fact in the course
| of the Telecom package such measures were
| generally rejected, though the European
| Parliament could not overrule the French
| national decision to implement such
| measures (âHadopiâ). Sarkozyâs Hadopi rules
| are in troublesome constitutional waters,
| we will see.


Early Day Motion Calling for ACTA Transparency

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday I was asking you to write to your
| MPs about the Digital Economy Bill. If you
| haven't already done that, perhaps you
| could tack on a request for them to support
| this Early Day Motion...


ACTA Guide, Part Three: Transparency and ACTA Secrecy

,----[ Quote ]
| Part Three of the ACTA Guide (Part One on
| the agreement itself, Part Two on the
| official and leaked documents) focuses on
| the issue that has dogged the proposed
| agreement since it was first announced -
| the lack of transparency associated with
| the text and the talks.  As yesterday's
| public letter from NDP MP Charlie Angus and
| the UK cross-party motion highlight,
| elected officials around the world have
| latched onto the transparency issue and
| demanded that their governments open ACTA
| to public scrutiny.  Reviewing the ACTA
| transparency issue involves several
| elements: the public concern with ACTA
| secrecy, the source of the secrecy, and the
| analysis of whether ACTA secrecy is common
| when compared to other intellectual
| property agreements.



,----[ Quote ]
| That this House is deeply concerned by the
| secrecy surrounding international
| negotiations on the Anti-Counterfeiting
| Trade Agreement (ACTA); notes that any
| agreement reached could affect the measures
| to protect copyright online currently being
| debated in the Digital Economy Bill;
| believes that if the companies affected by
| the agreement are party to the discussions
| and able to influence decisions,
| parliamentarians who represent the public
| and are responsible for legislation in
| these areas should also be kept up-to-date
| with developments and be able to contribute
| to the debate; seeks assurances from the
| Department for Business, Innovation and
| Skills that the provisions of the Digital
| Economy Bill will not be superseded by
| ACTA; and urges the Government to work to
| achieve release of details of the
| negotiations to hon. Members as soon as
| possible.


CTA: The new era of transparency

,----[ Quote ]
| How is that possible? It cannot be found out
| because the mandate is not made public. Magic,
| it reminds me of the charlatans who say they
| live without food and water supply, and it is
| their personal secret what makes them survive.


Activist ejected from "public" meeting on secret copyright treaty for tweeting

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest round of negotiations over the Anti
| Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA -- a
| secret treaty that contains provisions
| requiring nations to wiretap the Internet,
| force ISPs to spy on users, search laptops at
| the border, and disconnect whole households
| from the net on the basis of mere accusation
| of copyright infringement) is just kicking off
| in Mexico, and activists from around Mexico
| and the world have converged on the meeting to
| demand transparent, public negotiations of
| this critical treaty.


'Public' Consultation Over ACTA In Mexico Almost Required NDAs, Blogger Removed For Tweeting

,----[ Quote ]
| The room, then, was mostly industry people,
| who were apparently concerned as to why
| everyday citizens were in attendance, and they
| even booed a lawyer who questioned the human
| rights angle. As for Geraldine, she tried
| twittering the event, and the industry folks
| demanded she leave (and had a guard escort her
| out). It's almost like they're trying to make
| themselves into a caricature of businesses
| plotting to harm the public.


Obama Names Craig Mundie to Sci-Tech Advisory Council

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