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[News] Vista 7 Lags Behind Linux in Features

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Beware the rogue Wi-Fi access point in Windows 7

,----[ Quote ]
| The consumerization of IT is alive, well and 
| causing all sorts of enterprise security 
| challenges in the mobile arena. But highly 
| visible issues, such as the consumer-centric 
| Apple iPhone, represent only the tip of the 
| vulnerability iceberg. Microsoft Windows 7, 
| for example, contains software that allows a 
| user's laptop to do double-duty as a rogue Wi-
| Fi access point that masks the entry of 
| unauthorized users onto the corporate network. 


GNU/Linux could do that for ages:

Windows 7 Can Create Rogue Wi-Fi Access Point

,----[ Quote ]
| While this means a bit more policing for 
| networks meant to be locked down, it sounds 
| like a good thing overall. Linux users, 
| meanwhile, have had kernel support (since 
| 2.6.26) for 802.11s mesh networking, as well 
| as Host AP support for certain chipsets.


Microsoft catching up.


Windows 7 is the same as Ubuntu"

,----[ Quote ]
| I asked him last night about his initial impressions of Windows 7 and, in
| typical teenage fashion, as he was bouncing between Meebo windows and browser
| tabs, he said it was ânice.â I managed to extract from him that his favorite
| feature was that he was able to use his Zune with it, something that had
| never worked terribly well with Ubuntu. Otherwise, he said, âWindows 7 is the
| same as Ubuntu; there just really isnât anything different about them.â

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