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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Takes Its AstroTurf to Korea, Focusing on Perception, Not Products

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Microsoft Takes Its AstroTurf to Korea, Focusing on Perception, Not Products
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 09:57:49 +0000
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Older headline was "'VIP Mix' of Microsoft targets Manila's top 100 Netizens"

'VIP Mix' of Microsoft targets Manila's bloggers

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft in the Philippines is trying out what looks and sounds 
| like the second-oldest sales strategy in the book.
| [...]
| To secure a free VIP invite, a prospective guest needs to 
| comply with certain requirements previously set by the company.
| Last December, when it held its first VIP event for students, the 
| software company chose the top 100 students with the most number 
| of friends on Facebook.
| Those who emerged on top of the pile had an average of 2,000 
| Facebook friends, an achievement made possible by their extensive 
| networks, de Dios said.
| [...]
| An unofficial Facebook account of Microsoft friends in the
| Philippines â known as MSfriends Philippines â has also been created.
| Who knows how much buzz that will generate?
| No one does, as of yet.
| But one thingâs for sure: Bill Gates is smiling.


'VIP Mix' of Microsoft targets Manila's bloggers


Microsoft Spends Big To Promote Bing At The Olympics


The State of Microsoft: Are they losing focus?


Microsoft, Interpublic Group Forge Ad Management Deal 


WARC: IPG signs advertising pact with Microsoft 


Microsoft restructures Central Marketing Group


Microsoft's Troberman Steps Into Newly Created CMO Role 

,----[ Quote ]
| As part of a broader realignment of its 
| Central Marketing Group, Microsoft on Thursday 
| named Gayle Troberman to the newly created 
| position of chief marketing officer. 


Welcome Aboard: Industry Hirings

,----[ Quote ]
| ADOTAS â Microsoft has done some rearranging 
| of its central marketing group and created the 
| position of chief creative officer for Gayle 
| Troberman, a 13-year veteran of the company 
| who was most recently general manager for 
| Microsoft advertising and consumer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer To Deliver First Keynote at Search Marketing Conference, SMX West, March 2 


Facebook Ended Display Advertising Deal with Microsoft


Facebook, Microsoft Sever Banner Ad Ties for Social Ads 


Yelp Turned Down Microsoft Too

,----[ Quote ]
| About two months ago, when Yelp turned down an 
| offer from Google, there had been speculation 
| that Yelp had received a counter offer from 
| Microsoft.


Yelp Walked Away From $700 Million Microsoft Offer

,----[ Quote ]
| When Google offered $550 million to purchase 
| Yelp, Yelp walked away saying it had another 
| offer.
| Looks like the other offer was Microsoft. 
| According to Peter Burrows at BusinessWeek, 
| Yelp had "a bid north of $700 million from 
| Microsoft."



Will Evangelize Your Tech Company for Food

,----[ Quote ]
| Don Dodge used to be an official evangelist
| for Microsoft, hyping the company's software
| and insulting its competitor Google. Then
| Microsoft laid him off, and Google hired him.
| Cue the bitter, flip-flopping blog post in
| which Dodge loudly switches sides.

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