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[News] Broadband Providers Retreat from Web Intervention

  • Subject: [News] Broadband Providers Retreat from Web Intervention
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 18:55:55 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Is AT&T Shutting Down Metered Billing Trials?

,----[ Quote ]
| We reached out to AT&T for confirmation, 
| and while AT&T confirmed to Broadband 
| Reports that they were no longer signing up 
| users to the trial, they wouldn't 
| technically confirm that the trials had 
| been scrapped. "We are no longer adding new 
| customers to the trial," says AT&T's Seth 
| Bloom. "We are still reviewing the lessons 
| and feedback we've gained from the trial so 
| far to guide our next steps," he says. "We 
| don't have any other plans to share at this 
| time, but we'll communicate with our 
| customers once we've decided how we'll move 
| forward."


Plans to cut off internet connections of illegal filesharers dumped

,----[ Quote ]
| The government has backed away from its 
| proposals in the Digital Economy Bill to 
| cut off people who have illegally shared 
| files online.


Has the government changed its position on Disconnection? No

,----[ Quote ]
| Please do not be confused by the 
| governmentâs semantics. BIS and DCMS 
| decided in the summer that they would not 
| refer to âdisconnectingâ users, because 
| that sounds harsh and over the top. 
| âTemporary account suspensionâ sounds much 
| more reasonable.
| Language matters. What journalist is going 
| to run a story on âtemporary account 
| suspensionâ (yawn)? This is why the 
| government has chosen these disingenuous 
| terms: itâs just more spin.
| What we still donât know is how long a 
| familyâs internet might be disconnected 
| for.
| A month? Three? A year? There is nothing in 
| the Bill or any of the notes that we are 
| aware of that might give us a clue.



Net Neutrality: A simple guide

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's recently announced plan to set up
| trial fiber optic networks in the US with
| ultra-high speed Internet connections puts
| the long running national debate over Net
| Neutrality back into high gear.
| A hot topic of discussion and debate in
| government and telecom circles since at
| least 2003, Net Neutrality, actually
| involves a broad array of topics,
| technologies and players


Net Throttling Hasn't Stopped

,----[ Quote ]
| Canadian Internet service providers fall
| short on net neutrality rules, testing
| CRTC's patience.


Ridiculous Arguments: Net Neutrality Would Mean No iPhones

,----[ Quote ]
| I've said it before, and I'll say it again:
| I'm very much against enforcing net
| neutrality through legislation (too many
| unintended consequences) but I'm stunned at
| the ridiculous and totally bogus reasons
| given by those fighting against those
| regulations in support of their claims. The
| latest on this front is Stephen Titch, a
| policy analyst at the Reason Foundation (a
| group whose work I usually think is quite
| good), coming out with a policy brief
| making the ludicrous argument that network
| neutrality would mean no more iPhones.


Parties Lobby FCC on Net Neutrality

,----[ Quote ]
| The Recording Industry Association of
| America and the Motion Picture Association
| of America have an established love-hate
| relationship with the Internet. Perhaps
| more hate-hate. The recording and motion
| picture industries are still struggling to
| find their footing and adapt to a world
| where MP3's replaced CD's, and where
| streaming movies are replacing DVD's.
| Dating back to the early days of Napster,
| the RIAA and MPAA have lobbied for
| legislation and leveraged the court system
| to combat online piracy. In its filing on
| net neutrality with the FCC, the RIAA wrote
| "we encourage the FCC to stay its course
| and explicitly support, encourage, and
| endorse ISP efforts to fight piracy."
| On the opposite end of the spectrum, the
| EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is
| urging individuals to join its petition to
| convince the FCC to remove language from
| the proposed net neutrality guidelines
| which provide a legal loophole for the
| entertainment industry to "hijack the
| Internet."

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