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[News] Fedora Changes Methods of Development

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Fedora Splits and Goes Faster

,----[ Quote ]
| The bleeding edge of Red Hat's Fedora Linux 
| community has long been the branch of Fedora 
| code known as Rawhide. New contributions land 
| in Rawhide first, marking the tip of new 
| Linux development for Fedora, though activity 
| there slows down during Fedora release 
| cycles. 



Please say Fedora

,----[ Quote ]
| Typically I am really good at understanding
| an Indian dialect because the area of
| Chicago I grew up in was largely an Indian
| population. The person on the phone was a
| bit harder to understand and I believe the
| reason was because they had a mix of the
| Indian dialect with a distinct southern US
| draw. Anyways, after talking to the AT&T
| tech support person for a few minutes, I
| started telling him what was going on and
| what I had done thus far. He asked what
| version of Windows I was using to test and I
| told him I wasnât using Windows and instead
| was using Linux. I expected the âWe donât
| support Linuxâ comment, but was floored when
| he said, âPlease say you are using Fedora.â
| I chimed in with a âSorry, using Kubuntu.â
| He chuckled then said, âSome people will
| never learn.â We shot little jabs back and
| forth at each other having a bit of fun
| while he was doing a modem test. In the end
| they figured out it was their issue and some
| AT&T techie will be out there today to fix
| the issue.


Fedora 13 Features Preview

,----[ Quote ]
| Goddard is the codename for the latest
| version of the bleeding edge Linux
| distribution, Fedora 13. Eve before the
| release of Fedora 12 there were new feature
| plans for Fedora 13. New features continue
| to be added to the feature plans of Fedora
| 13 scheduled for a planned release on May
| 11, 2010. The Fedora 13 feature list
| includes a number of features that didn't
| make it in time for Fedora 12. The feature
| list includes NFSv4 protocol by default,
| support for mounting NFS servers over IPv6,
| and yum language package plug-in. It's
| almost time for Fedora 13 feature freeze
| and we hardly expect any new last minute
| additions. With most accepted Fedora 13
| features highlighted on Fedora Project Wiki
| we decided to provide a comprehensive
| preview of the Linux distribution.
| [...]
| Fedora 13 would offer enhanced support for
| DisplayPort in X and kernel drivers for
| NVIDIA hardware. DisplayPort offers a
| higher link bandwidth than dual-link DVI.
| Monitors can easily take advantage of this
| by providing higher resolutions, higher
| color depths, and higher refresh rates. The
| DisplayPort will also run at a lower
| voltage than DVI and LVDS, and uses lesser
| power. The future laptops will likely
| switch to embedded DisplayPort for the
| local panel for this reason. With this
| feature, Fedora users can take advantage of
| the the technical superiority of
| DisplayPort.

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