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[News] Novell's "Linux" Business Explained

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Linux Server Management Nightmare: Attack of the Killer Penguins

,----[ Quote ]
| What's going on here? Are Novell and Oracle 
| really meeting with any success? It's hard to 
| believe they are. After all, Red Hat is going 
| from strength to strength, while Microsoft 
| money continues to be prop up Novell, and 
| Oracle's Linux support offering is hardly the 
| talk of the town. Oracle also now has the 
| small matter of Sun to digest, so it's 
| unlikely to be putting much concerted effort 
| into its shatterproof penguin support for a 
| while.



Mono for Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| What we have here is a MonoTouch
| application for the iPhone covering a
| Microsoft conference and advertising Team
| Monoâs booth at the same conference for
| those that âdonât have a Macâ.
| Why exactly is this garbage on Planet
| GNOME and Planet SUSE? (I can understand
| Planet GNOME, since GNOME seems to have
| largely adopted the Venerable Ostrich
| Position on Mono) Do people not get tired
| of the pro-Mono / pro-Microsoft messaging
| that has nothing to do with Linux?
| At least Team Mono used to pretend there
| was some benefit for Linux from Mono,
| lately much/most of the messaging has
| absolutely nothing to do with Linux.
| [...]
| Of course, Microsoft rewards its
| collaborators when it suits them, so Peter
| Galli has written âMicrosoft and Novell:
| Three Years and Going Strongâ where he
| gives the lapdog a small treat, and
| doesnât miss a chance to talk up
| intellectual âpeace of mindâ . This is a
| disgustingly popular code phrase for âUse
| Microsoft-approved software or we just
| might sue youâ. Microsoft and Novell love
| to brandish a bit of IP FUD about,
| especially if they can wield it against
| Red Hat.
| I like to point out another way of looking
| at âThree Years and Going Strongâ: the
| Novell-Microsoft deal is just as offensive
| and anti-community today as it was the day
| it was signed. The reasons for opposing
| the deal are just as valid today as they
| were three years ago. The people that
| walked away from Novell three years ago
| were right to do so, and anyone that
| chooses to do so today is equally
| justified.

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