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[News] GNOME Desktop 3 Has New Components

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Early peak into Gnome 3âs potential

,----[ Quote ]
| The Gnome 2010 UX Hackfest has been such fun! 
| Today is the last day, reckon weâll be 
| riotous. It was a wonderful, familiar memory. 
| I know not everyone reciprocates (hi hatemail, 
| bye hatemail), but I missed you Gnome.


"Task Pooper" could revolutionize GNOME desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| The GNOME community's design and usability 
| experts gathered for a week-long hackfest 
| hosted by Canonical in the UK to shape the 
| next major iteration of the GNOME desktop 
| environment. GNOME 3, which is tentatively 
| scheduled for release in September, will 
| introduce new user interface paradigms and 
| include an upgraded desktop shell environment.
| The participants at the hackfest are aiming to 
| improve the usability of existing 
| applications, enhance the look and feel of the 
| desktop with new theming concepts, and 
| brainstorm ideas for extending the 
| functionality of the new shell. They are 
| actively publishing mockups, design 
| documentation, usability notes, and other 
| materials that provide insight into their 
| vision for the future of GNOME. By reading all 
| of this material, I was able to get an 
| understanding of their goals and plans.



Gnome 3 Will Be Amazing

,----[ Quote ]
| I am excited. I am really, really excited.
| This should scare you. It scares me. But I
| hope youâll bear with us; and by bear I mean
| âhelp us carry the loadâ. Help us make this
| real! Help us refine the bad parts! Help us
| eliminate the bad sub-designs! Help us shoot
| flames from our eyes and launch dragons from
| our missile tubes. Help us break granite
| with our faces. Descend with us, little
| lambs, into the labyrinth of chasomagic.


GNOME UX Hackfest Photos


GNOME 2.29.91 Beta Available


GNOME Shell 2.29.0 with new notification system

,----[ Quote ]
| Version 2.29.0 of the GNOME Shell is now
| available for testing. The developers have
| integrated a new notification system into
| this version. An information bar at the
| bottom edge of the screen informs users, for
| instance, about newly connected devices or
| about which track the audio player has just
| changed to. Previous notifications are saved
| and can be accessed via an info icon in the
| bottom right corner of the screen.

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