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Re: [News] Phoronix Test Suite Becomes a GNU/Linux Distribution

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____/ Lusotec on Monday 01 Mar 2010 15:34 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> PTS Desktop Live 2010.1: Phoronix Test Suite 2.4.1 in a Live CD
>> (...)
>> http://news.softpedia.com/news/PTS-Desktop-Live-2010-1-Phoronix-Test-
>> Suite-2-4-1-in-a-Live-CD-135981.shtml
> A Live CD is a good idea, making it simpler to benchmark and compare
> different systems. Mandriva has a phoronix-test-suite package making it
> trivial to install and benchmark a system but the result may not be simple
> to compare with other system due to variations in the software stack (e.g.
> different library versions, different configuration).
> Regards.

Phoronix also has clusters running as a service, sort of as a business offshoot.
You can tailor a benchmark as some companies do.

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