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[News] The MAFIAA Attacks Its Opposition with Takedown

  • Subject: [News] The MAFIAA Attacks Its Opposition with Takedown
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2010 09:13:48 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Bogus Copyright Claim Silences Yet Another Larry Lessig YouTube Presentation

,----[ Quote ]
| Nearly a year ago, we wrote about how a 
| YouTube presentation done by well known law 
| professor (and strong believer in fair use 
| and fixing copyright law), Larry Lessig, had 
| been taken down, because his video, in 
| explaining copyright and fair use and other 
| such things, used a snippet of a Warner 
| Music song to demonstrate a point. There 
| could be no clearer example of fair use -- 
| but the video was still taken down. There 
| was some dispute at the time as to whether 
| or not this was an actual DMCA takedown, or 
| merely YouTube's audio/video fingerprinting 
| technology (which the entertainment industry 
| insists can understand fair use and not 
| block it). But, in the end, does it really 
| make a difference? A takedown over copyright 
| is a takedown over copyright. 


Network Solutions Confused About The DMCA

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week we wrote about how Microsoft 
| abused the DMCA to force Cryptome offline 
| via Network Solutions. Since then, there's 
| been some interesting scrambling by all 
| parties involved. Mircorosft claimed that it 
| never meant to take Cryptome down entirely, 
| just the one document (though, it no longer 
| is asking for it to be taken down). But that 
| doesn't make much sense, because Network 
| Solutions only had the ability to take down 
| the whole site, not pieces of content. 
| Either way, what really confused us was 
| Network Solutions response to the DMCA 
| takedown, which was that it waited until 
| Cryptome filed a counternotice to take down 
| the site. That's not how the DMCA works. 


Private copying levies take their toll on Italian families denounces Altroconsumo (15 January 2010)

,----[ Quote ]
| In the course of a year, an average family 
| will spend up to â100 more thanks to a new 
| government Decree fixing copyrighti levies. 
| Unbeknown to them, consumers buying 
| electronic goods such as blank CDs, USB 
| keys, memory sticks or multimedia mobile 
| phones will be forced to pay a levy for the 
| right to make private copies.


Filesharing becomes the latest French hobby

,----[ Quote ]
| Cerise Club, a French Internet company, said 
| that illegal file sharing is a "national 
| sport" and this is despite the fact that 
| French copyright legislation is among the 
| most repressive in the world.


Anti-Piracy Lawyers âAn Embarrassment To Creative Rights Industryâ

,----[ Quote ]
| After mountains of controversy built up in 
| the wake of the âpay up or elseâ letters 
| sent to thousands of alleged file-sharers, 
| one would think other lawyers might be put 
| off following the same track, but not so. 
| Tilly Bailey & Irvine are the new kids on 
| the block and have just been labeled by a 
| Lord as an âembarrassment to the rest of the 
| creative rights industry.â


Filtering, Piracy Surveillance, and Disobedience

,----[ Quote ]
| Abstract:     
| There has always been a cyclical 
| relationship between the prevention of 
| piracy and the protection of civil 
| liberties. While civil liberties advocates 
| previously warned about the aggressive 
| nature of copyright protection initiatives, 
| more recently, a number of major players in 
| the music industry have eventually ceded to 
| less direct forms of control over consumer 
| behavior. As more aggressive forms of 
| consumer control, like litigation, have 
| receded, we have also seen a rise in more 
| passive forms of consumer surveillance. 
| Moreover, even as technology has developed 
| more perfect means for filtering and 
| surveillance over online piracy, a number of 
| major players have opted in favor of 
| âtolerated use,â a term coined by Professor 
| Tim Wu to denote the allowance of uses that 
| may be otherwise infringing, but that are 
| allowed to exist for public use and 
| enjoyment. Thus, while the eventual specter 
| of copyright enforcement and monitoring 
| remains a pervasive digital reality, the 
| market may fuel a broad degree of consumer 
| freedom through the toleration or taxation 
| of certain kinds of activities. 


Special interests have captured the copyright debate 

,----[ Quote ]
| Progressive politics stands for justice and 
| understanding, and facing up to corporate 
| special interests to defend the public good. 
| Yet somehow those corporate special 
| interests have captured the debate on 
| copyright enforcement and the future of the 
| internet.
| A huge lobby â Labourâs Tom Watson MP 
| reports at least 100 full time employees â 
| is being employed to campaign for 
| disconnection of internet accounts when 
| copyright infringement may have taken place.


New music acts to labels: 'We won't tweet'

,----[ Quote ]
| The music industry is in a major state of 
| crisis and some up and coming acts are 
| reluctant to dirty their hands with social 
| networking.
| Some new artists signing at both major and 
| indie labels are telling execs there that 
| they'll make music, but don't expect them to 
| do Facebook or Twitter. The labels are 
| saying back that the days when performers--
| even mega-superstar performers--can keep 
| fans at arms length are over. 


Church sues Hollywood for using Rio's Christ statue in movie

,----[ Quote ]
| Brazil's Catholic Church is suing Hollywood 
| for using unauthorized images of Rio's 
| famous giant Christ statue in its disaster 
| movie blockbuster "2012," a lawyer involved 
| in the case told AFP Wednesday.
| Rio de Janeiro's archdiocese is demanding 
| unspecified damages and interest from 
| Columbia Pictures for showing the iconic 
| landmark being destroyed in a worldwide 
| apocalypse in a film that came out last 
| year, the archdiocese's attorney, Claudine 
| Dutra, said.



Tough To Punish Those Who File Bogus DMCA Takedowns

,----[ Quote ]
| Eric Goldman highlights a case where an ISP
| tried to use section (f) to go after a
| bunch of folks who issued questionable DMCA
| takedowns that were clearly designed to
| harass a couple of websites (and, at one
| point, were used to try to take down the
| entire ISP). The details are a bit
| convoluted, but basically, a group of
| people critical of what was being said on a
| website issued a series of DMCA takedowns
| to keep the site down every time it came
| back up following a counternotice. This
| seems like a perfect case where the
| takedown issuers should be hit with
| sanctions of some sort, but the case was
| dismissed on procedural grounds instead,
| which seem to be based on a
| misunderstanding of the DMCA itself.

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