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[News] More ACTA Leaks Reveal More of the White-collar Crime of the Copyright Cartel

  • Subject: [News] More ACTA Leaks Reveal More of the White-collar Crime of the Copyright Cartel
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2010 09:14:54 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Act on ACTA: Write to Your MEPs

,----[ Quote ]
| One knock-on effect of that obsessive 
| secrecy is that even ordinary 
| parliamentarians are forbidden from seeing 
| the drafts, which makes the negotiations not 
| only a travesty of democracy, but also a 
| more direct slap in the face of those 
| politicians. Happily, the latter are 
| beginning to wake up to the fact that they 
| are being sidelined here, and starting to 
| become more forceful in their demands for 
| access to ACTA. 


Important Leaked Document on ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| So, whatever its undoubted faults in other 
| respects, the UK government seems to be 
| trying to do the right thing as far as 
| transparency is concerned, and it deserves 
| kudos for that. Interesting, too, to see 
| that the main hold-out seems to be Hungary, 
| which surprised me given its positive 
| attitude to open source.
| Good to see that more and more countries are 
| backing transparency - and that more and 
| leaks are providing it by other routes.


Antipiracy provision in treaty riles EU

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Commission has pledged to make 
| sure a global treaty known as the Anti-
| Counterfeiting Trade Agreement will not 
| force countries to disconnect people for 
| unlawfully downloading copyrighted music, 
| movies, and other material.


Biggest-ever ACTA leak: secret copyright treaty dirty laundry motherlode


Major ACTA Leak: Internet and Civil Enforcement Chapters With Country Positions

,----[ Quote ]
| On the heels of the leak of various country 
| positions on ACTA transparency, today an 
| even bigger leak has hit the Internet.  A 
| new European Union document prepared several 
| weeks ago canvasses the Internet and Civil 
| Enforcement chapters, disclosing in complete 
| detail the proposals from the U.S., the 
| counter-proposals from the EU, Japan, and 
| other ACTA participants.  The 44-page 
| document also highlights specific concerns 
| of individual countries on a wide range of 
| issues including ISP liability, anti-
| circumvention rules, and the scope of the 
| treaty.  This is probably the most 
| significant leak to-date since it goes even 
| beyond the transparency debate by including 
| specific country positions and proposals.


More ACTA Leaks; Reveal Different Positions Taken By Different Countries

,----[ Quote ]
| Michael Geist has a list of some other 
| interesting tidbits, and Jamie Love has 
| worries about how the damages section 2.2 is 
| much stricter than existing laws, and seems 
| to conflict with existing US laws (but ACTA 
| can't change US law, right? Right?). Love 
| also notes the oddity of the EU crossing out 
| language (inserted by the US, mind you) that 
| would protect "fair use, fair, dealing, or 
| their equivalents." 


ACTA: haunted by the Telecoms Package 

,----[ Quote ]
| The latst ACTA leak reveals provisions which 
| are reminiscent of the Telecoms Package 
| copyright amendments. But it also reveals 
| that it presses much harder on the liability 
| of the ISPs. Could ACTA make them use deep 
| packet inspection?
| The latest document to leak from the Anti-
| counterfeiting trade agreement ( ACTA ) 
| discussions reveals active negotation over 
| ISP liability.


KEI notes on the EU leak of the ACTA text

,----[ Quote ]
| On 12 February 2010, the Council of the 
| European Union distributed a table drawn up 
| by the Commission Services, outlining the 
| positions of various counties regarding 
| civil enforcement and the special 
| requirements relating to the Internet. A 
| copy of this 44 page document was leaked on 
| March 1, 2010, and is attached to this blog.


Danish activists demand to know why their governments block ACTA transparency

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week, a leaked Dutch memo on the Anti-
| Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), a 
| secret copyright treaty, identified the 
| countries whose negotiators were opposed to 
| bringing transparency to the negotiation 
| process. The worst offenders were the US, 
| South Korea, Singapore and Denmark.
| Now, activists in these countries are 
| banging the drum, demanding to know why 
| their governments are standing in the way of 
| public participation in a treaty-making 
| process that will have wide-ranging 
| implications for all Internet users, and 
| it's working. 


InternetNZ to take public message to ACTA negotiators

,----[ Quote ]
| Media Release - 2 March 2010 - InternetNZ 
| (Internet New Zealand Inc) will assist the 
| public in voicing its concerns about the 
| controversial international Anti-
| Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) 
| through an open conference to be held next 
| month in Wellington, New Zealand.



New ACTA Leak: U.S., Korea, Singapore, Denmark Do Not Support Transparency

,----[ Quote ]
| Throughout the debate over ACTA
| transparency, many countries have taken
| public positions that they support release
| of the actual text, but that other
| countries do not.  Since full transparency
| requires consensus of all the ACTA
| partners, the text simply can't be released
| until everyone is in agreement.  Of course,
| those same countries hasten to add that
| they can't name who opposes ACTA
| transparency, since that too is secret.


World, get ready for the DMCA: ACTA's Internet chapter leaks

,----[ Quote ]
| The oddest thing about the Anti-
| Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)
| secrecy is that, whenever we see leaked
| drafts of the text, there's nothing
| particularly "secret" about them. That was
| also the case with this weekend's leak of
| the "Internet enforcement" section of the
| ACTA draft; as we've noted in the past,
| ACTA appears to be a measure to extend the
| US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
| to the rest of the world, and that's
| exactly what the Internet section tries to
| do.


EU Data Privacy Official Slams Copyright Talks


Written Declaration presented today in Brussels

,----[ Quote ]
| "ACTA is legislation laundering on an
| international scale, trying to covertly
| push through what could never be passed in
| most national parliaments" declared the
| socialist Member of the European Parliament
| Lambrinidis in his presentation of a
| written declaration that aims at
| establishing the official oppositon to ACTA
| of EuropeÂs elected representatives. He
| also criticized ACTAÂs intention of
| "systematic monitoring of citizens in the
| hands of internet service providers, giving
| them more power than police have in anti-
| terror operations".


New ACTA leaks reveal internal conflicts among negotiaters

,----[ Quote ]
| Countries negotiating the secretive Anti-
| Counterfeiting Trade Agreement are clashing
| over a proposed three-strikes regulation,
| the legal basis for such a treaty and the
| lack of transparency in the process,
| according to newly leaked documents.
| The European Parliament is demanding
| answers from the European Commission about
| ACTA, while public outcry and criticism are
| driving many European countries to demand
| clarity about the secret talks, which have
| been ongoing for more than two years. But
| these E.U.-member nations are being
| frustrated by the European Commission.


The dutch ACTA leak â rough translation


Make 3 strikes bill law, says Simon Cowell

,----[ Quote ]
| The Three strikes law is a corporate music
| industry scheme and an element of the ACTA
| project.
| Itâs being introduced as locally proposed
| legislation by governments in countries such
| as the UK and France. Under it, governments
| would act as entertainment industry
| copyright agents, and ISPs would become
| industry enforcers against their own
| customers.


ACTA: why will the EU Commission not answer?

,----[ Quote ]
| Questions on ACTA in the European Parliament
| today revealed a distinctly shady
| Commission, which is giving out conflicting
| information publicly and privately.  The key
| issue for MEPs is why the Commission is
| being  so economical with the truth?


Help the European Parliament oppose ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| Four Members of the European Parliament -
| Zuzana Roithova (CZ, EPP), Stavros
| Lambrinidis (GR, S&D), Alexander Alvaro (DE,
| ALDE) and FranÃoise Castex (FR, S&D)- have
| submitted a written declaration opposing


ACTA's Internet Chapter Leaks; And, Now We See How Sneaky The Negotiators Have Been

,----[ Quote ]
| Reports spread this weekend that the ACTA's
| all-important internet enforcement chapter had
| leaked. You can download the PDF from that
| link, or check it out below:
| From here, you can see why this is still quite
| a dangerous document -- and why there's been
| so much misinformation from its supporters,
| insisting that it "can't change US law," or
| even (as stated by the USTR) that it won't
| include three strikes. It doesn't. Sort of.
| But it does make it very very difficult for
| any online service provider to get safe
| harbors without doing something along those
| lines. Let's explore deeper...


ACTA "internet enforcement" chapter leaks


World going barmy over copyright enforcement

,----[ Quote ]
| IT IS NOT CLEAR how accurate it is yet but
| someone has posted a copy of what appears
| to be the crucial enforcement section of
| the secret copyright treaty that the
| publishing cartels want the world to
| accept.


ACTA leak shows US Trade Rep lied about "3-strikes"


ACTA Internet Chapter Leaks: Renegotiates WIPO, Sets 3 Strikes as Model

,----[ Quote ]
| Several months after a European Union memo
| discussing the ACTA Internet chapter
| leaked, the actual chapter itself has now
| leaked.  First covered by PC World, the
| new leak fully confirms the earlier
| reports and mirrors the language found in
| the EU memo.  This is the chapter that
| required non-disclosure agreements last
| fall.


Adding up the explanations for ACTA's "shameful secret"

,----[ Quote ]
| Why is an intellectual property treaty being
| negotiated in the name of the US public kept
| quiet as a matter of national security and
| treated as "some shameful secret"?
| Solid information on the Anti-Counterfeiting
| Trade Agreement (ACTA) has been hard to come
| by, but Google on Monday hosted a panel
| discussion on ACTA at its DC offices. Much of
| the discussion focused on transparency, and
| why there's so little of it on ACTA, even from
| an administration that has made transparency
| one of its key goals.


U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson â Intellectual Property Rights

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, Ambassador, a lot of Canadians donât
| think U.S. Intellectual Property Laws are in
| the best interest of Americans or Canadians
| either. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act
| of 1998 comes to mind. Do you have any proof
| (specifically peer reviewed studies) proving
| that the DMCA has any benefit to the citizens
| of the United States? And if you donât have
| any proof, when do you intend to provide it?


Oh, a new ACTA document

,----[ Quote ]
| How do you request it? Very simple, fill out
| the form and enter the document number
| 17779/09 as the document you request. Then
| the Council secretariat has 15 days to
| respond, either it would grant you access
| and submit the reasons for refusal.
| Here is stops for most persons. You have
| against 15 days for a confirmatory
| application. When the confirmatory
| application is denied you can complain to
| the EU-Ombudsman or sue the Commission.


Google DC Talk on ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| Why does DG Trade want criminal sanctions
| from third nations when these instruments
| are not adopted in the âacquis
| communautaireâ yet? Unfortunately we cannot
| find out in their negotiation mandate from
| the Council because it is not disclosed.

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