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[News] Intellectual Monopolies Hurt Lives

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"Soy far, soy good" for Argentine importers

,----[ Quote ]
| It's available in various official European 
| Union languages, including Latvian, but not 
| in English. Still, with the help of his 
| friends, the IPKat has been able to piece 
| together the deeper inner meaning of 
| Advocate General Mengozzi's Opinion in Case 
| C-428/08 Monsanto Technology LLC v Cefetra 
| BV and others, a reference to the Court of 
| Justice of the European Union for a 
| preliminary ruling from the Dutch Rechtbank 
| âsâGravenhage.
| Right: Monsanto's latest genetically 
| modified bean?
| From the talented Stephanie Bodoni 
| (Bloomberg) the IPKat learns that the 
| Advocate General is advising the Court of 
| Justice to rule that Monsanto, the worldâs 
| biggest seed company, canât rely on a 
| European patent for its Roundup Ready 
| soybeans as it seeks to block imports of 
| soy meal from Argentina. This is because 
| the European patent for the trait that 
| makes soybeans resistant to some herbicides 
| doesnât extend to soy meal made from the 
| patented seeds.
| Argentina, the worldâs third-biggest 
| soybean exporter after Brazil and the US, 
| is one of the few countries where Monsanto 
| does not hold a patent on the herbicide-
| resistant seeds. However, a ruling that 
| Monsanto's European patent is enforceable 
| would let it block those imports.


The USPTO-Pfizer collaboration to change India's laws on patents and test data

,----[ Quote ]
| The United States Patent and Trademark 
| Office has a joint program with Pfizer to 
| fund and manage seminars in India on 
| "misconceptions of evergreening" and "the 
| importance of regulatory data protection 
| and patent linkage." KEI has submitted a 
| FOIA request to USPTO on this topic, and 
| received a small installment of documents 
| on Friday. Attached to this blog are 4 
| pages of documents that we received from 
| two meetings held in Mumbai, India on 
| September 9, 2009. Ten journalists and 15 
| NGOs attended the meetings. The USPTO and 
| Pfizer each paid $3,190 for the days events 
| ($6,380 total). 


USTR pressures Taiwan on pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals and medical devices


US Government Working With Pharma Companies To Raise Drug Prices In Other Countries

,----[ Quote ]
| Then, over in India, it appears that the 
| USPTO is putting on co-branded events with 
| Pfizer about drugs, health care and 
| patents. Along with this, Love points to 
| growing concerns from folks in India about 
| a project between George Washington 
| University and various pharmaceutical 
| companies to "train" Indian politicians and 
| judges on the importance of patents in 
| pharma. Except, of course, that's very much 
| in dispute. Many studies have shown that 
| patents on pharma do more harm than good -- 
| especially in countries with big healthcare 
| issues. 



Sun exec accuses Microsoft of 'patent terrorism'

,----[ Quote ]
| The efforts of Microsoft to pressure the Linux community over alleged and
| unspecified patents is akin to "patent terrorism", according to a local
| executive for Sun Microsystems.


Microsoft, the art of Corporate Terrorism.

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft, no longer the technological leader in the Computer Desktop
| market, is taking on a terrorist role in its attempt remain in power
| at all costs. (see the link to the CNN story below)
| The tactic is intended to frighten current, and would be, free
| software users away from products that Microsoft just can't compete
| with. It's not a new tactic, but for the first time desperation is
| beginning to show.


Convicted Monopolist Terrorizes Software Industry

,----[ Quote ]
| That headline is designed to grab your attention. Sensationalistic as
| it may be, it also happens to be true, if what you mean by 'terrorize'
| is to provoke fear.
| If you've been following the presidential race in the United States,
| you know the present crop of candidates have been exploiting the fear
| of the American people as they never have before in the history of
| the country.

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