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Re: Ubuntu Lucid Lynx is HOT!

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____/ Marti van Lin on Thursday 11 Mar 2010 21:25 : \____

> I've installed Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Alpha 3 yesterday and I am amazed about
> it's default look and the improvements in the Gnome desktop environment
> for the non tech savvy "general" user.
> 1. THE LOOK.
> For the first time, I really like the default look and feel of Ubuntu. A
> purple wallpaper, with a dark menu and a glossy orange progress-bar.
> Great artwork!
> 2. IT'S EASY.
> First time you logon to your shiny new Lucid Lynx desktop, it seems you
> will have to enter your password a million of times.
> That is only the first time, because the new version of Ubuntu, provides
> you the option to store your passwords and in the end this means that
> you will never have to enter them again.
> After rebooting Lucid Lynx again, it didn't even prompted me for a
> password, to connect to my wireless router!
> A couple of Ubuntu users (including me) where pretty concerned about the
> BingHoo deal. Yet as a matter of fact, we have been over reacting. The
> BingHoo deal is not such a big deal after all for the end user.
> If you don't want BingHoo to be your default search engine, the only
> thing you have to do, is to click the dropdwon button in the Firefox
> search bar and choose your preferred search engine. Next time if you
> fire up Firefox, it will present you a startup page of your preferred
> search engine, with the Ubuntu Logo.
> The current stage is quite buggy, the Nouvau driver for example prints a
> pretty "distorted" screen. I was able to work around the problem by
> installing the Nvidia Binary Blob (which I would install anyway). And to
> be honest it's pretty unstable as well.
> No wonder it's still in Alpha stage.
> However, it is pretty clear that Ubuntu 10.4 will be a very exciting and
> promising release.
> Ubuntu 10.4, I already Love it!

If you like Ubuntu and don't like the Bong [sic] deal, then wait for a derivative
like Linux Mint to come out (corresponding to same version). Put your bytes where
it suits your voice. Or your wallet, however the saying goes...

If Ubuntu sees people turning to Mint because of the search deal, they might
retreat from it.

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		~~ Best of wishes

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