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Re: Ubuntu Lucid Lynx is HOT!

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____/ Rex Ballard on Friday 12 Mar 2010 16:41 : \____

> On Mar 11, 4:48 pm, Roy Schestowitz <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> Great review of Lucid Linx snipped.
>> > 3. BINGHOO.
>> > A couple of Ubuntu users (including me)
>> > where pretty concerned about the
>> > BingHoo deal. Yet as a matter of fact,
>> > we have been over reacting. The
>> > BingHoo deal is not such a big deal
>> > after all for the end user.
> Personally, I think it's great that Microsoft is willing to subsidize
> Linux by paying for preferred status as search engine.

You are missing the point. What Canonical is doing here is /take/ money
away from Mozilla developers (whom Google pays) and pocketing that. The externality here is
Mozilla and Firefox development.

> I don't even mind if Microsoft generates a little revenue from the
> deal.
> Microsoft's bigger problem with Binghoo is that the search results are
> suspect, and this will probably be enough to put people back on
> Google.
> People go to Google because they want the good, the bad, and the
> ugly.  Bing has a smart filter that can detect when a document makes
> disparaging remarks about an advertiser, and deletes those articles
> from the index.  Great for the advertisers, but not what search users
> are looking for.
> Look up Linux, FireFox, and OpenOffice, and notice the order in which
> the articles are returned.  Each result set is loaded with results
> which are favorable to Microsoft.
>> > If you don't want BingHoo to be your default search engine, the only
>> > thing you have to do, is to click the dropdwon button in the Firefox
>> > search bar and choose your preferred search engine. Next time if you
>> > fire up Firefox, it will present you a startup page of your preferred
>> > search engine, with the Ubuntu Logo.
> I hope Concentric is charging FireFox for this placement.
> The other thing this Bing placement does, is gives Microsoft a more
> accurate assesment of how many Linux users there really are.  I
> wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft altered it's revenue projections
> based on the result.
> Of course, it also gives Yahoo that same information, and Yahoo may be
> more willing to share this information with others, as well as adopt
> more Linux-friendly policies.
>> > Ubuntu 10.4, I already Love it!
> I'll probably wait for a more stable version.  I could test it in a
> virtual machine, maybe using virtualBox.
>> If you like Ubuntu and don't like the Bong [sic] deal,
>> then wait for a derivative like Linux Mint to come out
>> (corresponding to same version). Put your bytes where
>> it suits your voice. Or your wallet, however the saying goes...
> Personally, I like Linux Mint just because they have a more pragmatic
> policy related to binary-only drivers and proprietary software, which
> can be obtained from Linux Mint.
>> If Ubuntu sees people turning to Mint because of the
>> search deal, they might retreat from it.
> Actually, this is a deal with FireFox, not Ubuntu.
> It's likely that all Linux distributions will soon be sporting FireFox
> browsers preset to Bing.
> It's so easy to switch that it's not a big deal.  There are several
> search services available, including Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Answers,
> EBay, Creative Commons, and Wikipedia
> Rex
> http://www.open4success.org

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