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Re: [News] Free Software Saves Money

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____/ JeffM on Wednesday 10 Mar 2010 22:18 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Open Source Saves the Day (and Lots of Dosh)
>>|open source, a real no-brainer for many applications,
>>|is rarely given the chance to prove itself here.
>>|Which means, of course, that there are no case studies to refer to
> :ICS[...]has been the subject of many criticisms from social workers,
> :a major trade union and social work academics.
> :This article details a redevelopment of the system
> :[...]
> :not only addressing most of the problems,
> :but doing it at a tiny fraction â as in *one-thousandth* â of the
> cost
> :[...]
> :The cost of the system in terms of software is zero
> :[...]
> :The development costs were also pretty light
> :[...]
> :It is a lesson to developers[...]not to specify a new system
> :but to pause awhile and cast around for existing software
> :that embeds the functionality required
> Just brilliant--or is it simply that everyone else is so stupid?

There's a good new article about this in OpenSource.com this week:


Sharing is better, period.

This one is also new and it's academic:


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