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Re: [News] Free Software Saves Money

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____/ JeffM on Thursday 11 Mar 2010 22:32 : \____

>>JeffM wrote:
>>>:It is a lesson to developers[...]not to specify a new system
>>>:but to pause awhile and cast around for existing software
>>>:that embeds the functionality required
>>>Just brilliant--or is it simply that everyone else is so stupid?
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>There's a good new article about this in OpenSource.com this week:
> That's a bit too general for my taste.
> I'm looking for concrete examples of *how* somebody pulled it off.
> :the open source renaissance is well underway
> :and I plan to be a model historian.
>  :
> Let's hope that in the future he gets more specific.
>>This one is also new and it's academic:
> Yeah, that's a bit closer to the mark.  He names some names
> and links to other more specific stuff he's written,
> but it's still quite general in scope.
>>Sharing is better, period.
> Amen.
> Let's all pull in the same direction--not turn it into a tug-of-war.

It's defensible that it wasn't done in the past. People had to send
information by post (taking weeks if by boat) or visit libraries
that requires printing, staff, etc.

The copyright system is not there to float dying business models

Watch yesterday's talk that Lessig gave to Italy's government:

"Speech at Italian Parliament: Internet is Freedom"

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