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[News] Amazon's Proof That the USPTO is a Joke Persists

  • Subject: [News] Amazon's Proof That the USPTO is a Joke Persists
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 00:14:43 +0000
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Amazon 1-Click Patent Survives Almost Unscathed

,----[ Quote ]
| Zordak writes "Amazon's infamous '1-click' 
| patent has been in reexamination at the 
| USPTO for almost four years. Patently-O now 
| reports that 'the USPTO confirmed the 
| patentability of original claims 6-10 and 
| amended claims 1-5 and 11-26. The approved-
| of amendment adds the seeming trivial 
| limitation that the one-click system 
| operates as part of a 'shopping cart model.' 
| Thus, to infringe the new version of the 
| patent, an eCommerce retailer must use a 
| shopping cart model (presumably non-1-click) 
| alongside of the 1-click version. Because 
| most retail eCommerce sites still use the 
| shopping cart model, the added limitation 
| appears to have no practical impact on the 
| patent scope.'"


Amazon One-Click Patent Slides Through Reexamination


Amazon.com's 1-Click patent confirmed following re-exam


US Patent Office Decides That One Click Really Is Patentable


One Click Patent Reexamination over - with claims amended and other Amazon applications rejected in light of my prior art


Patent attack hits Apple, RIM, AT&T, Moto...

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple, Research in Motion, and a gaggle of 
| other deep-pocket firms have been slapped 
| with a wide-ranging patent infringment suit 
| by an obscure Texas firm.
| The suit alleges that Apple and RIM - plus 
| AT&T, Insight Enterprises, LG Electronics, 
| Motorola, Pantech Wireless, Samsung and 
| Sanyo - are in violation of one or more of 
| seven mobile phoneârelated patents. The 
| allegedly infringed-upon patents include 
| ones for Bluetooth connectivity, syncing, 
| background processing and other mobile 
| matters.



How Hard Is It To Realize That One-Click Buying Doesn't Deserve A Patent?

,----[ Quote ]
| Amazon and Jeff Bezos (who a decade ago was
| a founder of a project to bust bogus
| patents) have aggressively fought to keep
| the patent alive. And so we've now entered
| the fifth year of the review process, which
| seems to involve some rather annoyed USPTO
| patent examiners, who are fed up with what
| appears to be Amazon simply dumping
| busywork on the examiners to avoid a final
| rejection of the patent.

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