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[News] Microsoft's Former (and Current) Paid AstroTurfer Gartenberg Gets Flak for Slamming GNU/Linux with Lies

  • Subject: [News] Microsoft's Former (and Current) Paid AstroTurfer Gartenberg Gets Flak for Slamming GNU/Linux with Lies
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 00:15:31 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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GNU/Linux: Rebuttal: Linux on the desktop: Still not happening

,----[ Quote ]
| I am seriously annoyed by the constant 
| disingenuous articles that state GNU/Linux 
| is not ready for the average userâs desktop 
| PC as the primary, or only, operating 
| system. What a dump truck load of manure! 
| The majority of the people making such 
| spurious claims are usually ignorant end-
| users, clueless âreportersâ, Microsoft 
| fanatics or Apple worshippers. I am not sure 
| which of these categories may contain Mr. 
| Gartenberg. But I suspect it is one or more 
| of the above. If not, then someone point out 
| to me just exactly where Mr. Gartenberg 
| stands in the operating systems wars. Yes, 
| these are wars. If you do not believe that, 
| fine. You can be wrong if you want to.


The MicroShills Are At It Again

,----[ Quote ]
| Itâs almost impossible to read anything from 
| the mainline computer press that does not 
| have the hard and heavy thumbprint of 
| Microsoft on it. We get it. You all depend 
| on Microsoft for your continued existence, 
| so all articles pointed at them will be 
| heavily slanted in their favor, and, every 
| once in a great while, when Microsoft really 
| screws the pooch, the sarcastic remarks and 
| criticism can fly, but only for so long. (If 
| you donât believe this, you arenât paying 
| attention. Also, gander at the amount of 
| criticism Vista got, and then there were a 
| load of articles saying how no one â not 
| even them â really gave Vista a chance, and 
| it wasnât that bad. Then, magically, when 
| Windows 7 started looking halfway good, and 
| Microsoft itself admitted what a pig Vista 
| was, again it was alright to criticize 
| again.)
| Now, itâs Bing. Bing is acceptable as a 
| search engine â for anyone that has never 
| used Google, or Yahoo, for that matter.
| But the press is beating us with the âgainsâ 
| of Bing in the market every time they show 
| up. Enough already. 



The Linux desktop is already here

,----[ Quote ]
| I found it more than a little sad that
| someone in 2010 could still think that
| Linux is "still a non-starter on the
| desktop." Please â wake up: We're all Linux
| desktop users now.
| No matter what you're running on your
| desktop -- Windows 7, Snow Leopard, XP,
| whatever -- you use the Internet, right?
| And you use Google to search? You talk to
| your friends on Facebook, Twitter of some
| other social network, yes? Then
| congratulations â you're a Linux user.
| Thanks to the Web, desktop Linux is
| everywhere. The old desktop metaphor is
| dying. Every day that goes by the lines
| between what used to be a desktop, a
| server, and the network keep blurring.
| Don't think so? Answer me this: How much
| work could you get done without access to
| the Internet?


Operating Systems and Market Share Statistics

,----[ Quote ]
| What are other things to consider? For
| starters how do these places collect their
| statistics? What websites do they pull
| their data from? The content of a webpage
| very much determines the type of operating
| system that a person is likely to view it
| on. For instance these are the operating
| system statistics from the last month for
| my own (primarily Linux-focused) blog :
|     * Windows: 44.4%
|     * OSX: 8.03%
|     * Linux: 44.03%
|     * Other: 3.54%
| [...]
| Beyond just looking at the source of web
| statistics of operating systems, when it
| comes to the global market as a whole, you
| have to consider the countless systems that
| are offline or are rarely connected to the
| internet. Unlike OSX where you can count
| the systems by the amount of Apple hardware
| sold or Mircosoft's Windows where they can
| count the number of activations, a single
| Linux ISO download can account for multiple
| (sometimes even hundreds) of offline (or
| online) installations.
| Truth be told, will we ever truly know the
| precise market share of each operating
| system? No, we will not. From my four
| sources here (and others you can find
| around the internet) I'm inclined to
| believe that currently Windows floats
| somewhere around 88%, OSX around 8%, Linux
| somewhere close to 2%, and the rest can get
| lumped into that wonderful "other"
| category.
| What do you think? Know of another credible
| source for market share statistics
| regarding operating systems that I didn't
| mention? Let me know!



Evangelist Gartenberg back to being analyst

,----[ Quote ]
| After only three weeks at Microsoft as an "evangelist," Michael
| Gartenberg is returning to his old job as vice president and
| research director at JupiterResearch.


Netbook OS Shouldn't Matter, But It Does

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week we heard about the first Android-powered Netbook (which I wrote
| about in First Android Netbook Nothing to Write Home About). Then on Friday,
| analyst Michael Gartenberg, who is VP of Strategy at Interpret, and who
| writes frequently about consumer technology sent the following Tweet:
| Is Android's future in Netbooks? NO! of course not.
| I tweeted back:
| @Gartenberg Not exclusively, but I could see Android being a viable Netbook
| OS.
| And Gartenberg replied:
| @ron_miller hard to see it. not the right apps and no better than Linux.
| Linux Netbook return rate is huge.


Desktop Linux: Actually Better than Windows in alot of ways

|    The article seems to harp on missing driver support for the
| latest hardware. But for most hardware driver support is not only
| there for Linux, it's built directly into the OS. Installing my
| printer required the following installation steps: 1. Turn it on.
| That's it! It's completely automatic. Drivers are located and
| installed automatically.

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