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[News] Interview with the Man Behind Billix

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Interview with Linux Journal Virtual Editor Bill Childers

,----[ Quote ]
| Carlie: You're the author of Billix, dubbed a 
| "system administrator's swiss army knife". Tell 
| us a bit about it.
| Bill: Billix actually came out of one of the 
| hacking sessions Kyle started. We were working 
| together and he was working on a PXE boot 
| server for our server environment, and I had a 
| need to have a version of that environment on a 
| non-connected medium. I read the docs for 
| SYSLINUX and PXELINUX, and realized that the 
| stuff he'd done was directly connected to what 
| I wanted to do. So I lifted his menu file 
| (that's why I thank "greenfly" in the menu of 
| Billix) and started modifying it to do what I 
| wanted. So as a result, the world can thank 
| Kyle Rankin for seeding the idea for Billix. 



The USB finger guy adds his two bits

,----[ Quote ]
| Jerry Jalava's sci-fi finger became a Web sensation after a friend of his
| blogged about the creation, noting that the drive was loaded with a version
| of Linux.
| Jalava clarified the situation on his blog last night. For one thing, it's
| not permanent. For another, it's loaded with more than just the Billix
| version of Linux.

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