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[News] Digital Economy Bill Under Fire in the UK

  • Subject: [News] Digital Economy Bill Under Fire in the UK
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 16:51:12 +0000
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Online industry unites against Digital Economy Bill

,----[ Quote ]
| Google, Yahoo, eBay, Facebook, Orange, Talk 
| Talk and BT have singed an open letter to 
| the Financial Times condemning a bill in 
| parliament that they say "threatens freedom 
| of speech and the open internet". 


Controversial digital economy bill amendment follows lobbyists' draft

,----[ Quote ]
| Text added to digital economy bill that 
| could block sites such as YouTube echoes 
| almost word for word a suggestion from the 


The True Effects of the Digital Economy Bill

,----[ Quote ]
| Pirate Party UK leader Andrew Robinson said, 
| "The choices being made by parliament will not 
| stop future generations downloading music, they 
| will simply decide if future generation 
| consider the law and the political process to 
| be their enemy or not. One-sided laws 
| written by record companies will simply 
| strengthen people's resolve to fight for 
| what they believe is right."



Universities protest against government wi-fi plans

,----[ Quote ]
| Libraries and universities are protesting
| about plans to make them police users of
| wireless networks.
| The government's Digital Economy Bill
| includes plans to make them responsible for
| what is done over free wi-fi.
| The plans imply that libraries, universities
| and cafes offering free wireless will be
| responsible if people use it to pirate
| movies and music.


How do I hate thee, Digital Economy Bill? Let me count the waysâ

,----[ Quote ]
| Last weekâs official advice (Word doc) on
| the bill âwould effectively âoutlaw open Wi-
| Fi for small businessesââ said Lilian
| Edwards, professor of internet law at
| Sheffield University.
|     âThis is going to be a very unfortunate
|     measure for small businesses,
|     particularly in a recession, many of
|     whom are using open free Wi-Fi very
|     effectively as a way to get the punters
|     in,â Edwards said.


The Death of Open Wifi in the UK

,----[ Quote ]
| This bill simply has "Fail" written all the
| way through it; the only good news is that
| once they realise the implications, the
| entire tourist and hospitality industries
| will be fighting against it...


The Digital Economy Bill's Series of Unfortunate Events ....

,----[ Quote ]
| The Digital Economy Bill is meant to
| position the UK more strongly in the digital
| era. Unfortunately, it might better be
| called the Analogue Economy (Preservation)
| Bill.
| As the Open Rights Group have already made
| clear, the Government has admitted that
| cafes, hotels, conference centres, pubs,
| local councils and other open wi-fi
| providers will face disconnection. Of
| course, they can appeal, but the whole
| impetus of the Bill seems to be aimed at
| preventing the UK from taking advantage of
| the digital age.


UK Gov nationalises orphans and bans non-consensual photography in public

,----[ Quote ]
| The Digital Economy Bill : what's yours is
| ours
| The end game is now in sight. The Digital
| Economy Bill is now expected to become law
| within the next 6 weeks. It introduces
| orphan works usage rights, which - unless
| amended, which HMG says it will not - will
| allow the commercial use of any photograph
| whose author cannot be identified through a
| suitably negligent search. That is
| potentially about 90% of the photos on the
| internet.


Digital Economy Bill: Lords Want To Stamp Out Piracy Chasers

,----[ Quote ]
| Members of the House of Lords recently
| voiced concerns over the UK governmentâs
| Digital Economy Bill, stating that the
| problems facing the entertainment industry
| are largely of their own creation. There
| was also criticism of companies who demand
| cash from file-sharers in the UK, and ideas
| were put forward to end their scheme.


Amendment Tabled to Delete Clause 17 from the UK Digital Economy Bill


Facebook's New Privacy Changes: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

,----[ Quote ]
| Five months after it first announced coming
| privacy changes this past summer, Facebook
| is finally rolling out a new set of
| revamped privacy settings for its 350
| million users. The social networking site
| has rightly been criticized for its
| confusing privacy settings, most notably in
| a must-read report by the Canadian Privacy
| Commissioner issued in July and most
| recently by a Norwegian consumer protection
| agency. We're glad to see Facebook is
| attempting to respond to those privacy
| criticisms with these changes, which are
| going live this evening. Unfortunately,
| several of the claimed privacy
| "improvements" have created new and serious
| privacy problems for users of the popular
| social network service.


Threatening Internet freedom in the UK

,----[ Quote ]
| All too often, the public policy world
| focuses on subtle legislative distinctions
| and on regulatory details. But once in a
| while, an issue comes along that strikes
| to the heart of the big principles. Such
| an issue erupted last week in the UK - an
| issue that incorporates two of the most
| important subjects on these pages: privacy
| and innovation.


Lib Dems to oppose Mandelson copyright powers

,----[ Quote ]
| The Liberal Democrats are to oppose a
| clause in the Digital Economy Bill that
| would let the business secretary amend
| copyright law without parliamentary
| debate.


Debate on Mandelson's job

,----[ Quote ]
| The Conservatives have accused Business
| Secretary Lord Mandelson of "empire
| building", calling for his department to
| have a cabinet minister in the Commons.


Pure Mint boss resigns BPI committee over Digital Economy Bill

,----[ Quote ]
| Hall believes the proposed legislation has
| been rushed in a bid to get it through
| parliament before the next General
| Election, that it is in danger of
| disregarding some sacred legal principles
| (regarding process, presumption of
| innocence and burden of proof) and that it
| won't solve the record industry's piracy
| problems anyway.
| In his resignation letter to the BPI, Hall
| writes: "I have enjoyed contributing to
| both [the BPI's] Rights [Committee] and
| the [IFPI's] ILC, but increasingly feel
| that my contributions are falling on deaf
| ears as an agenda has already been reached
| that I now consider is unmovable. As you
| know, I do not think the Digital Economy
| Bill is a sensible or well thought out
| piece of legislation. In my view it is
| being rushed through the last months of a
| parliament of an unpopular government and
| it is not legislation that I support".
| Referencing clause 17 - the one that gives
| senior ministers the right to change
| copyright laws on whim - he continued: "I
| am particularly surprised that the record
| industry has chosen to endorse s.17 of the
| DEB, which I consider is wholly
| undemocratic and contrary to centuries of
| good practice regarding the forming of our
| copyright legislation. I also believe it
| may set a dangerous precedent going
| forwards (and could come back to haunt the
| industry)".

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