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Re: Microsoft, Apple and Patent Sabres

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Sunday 14 Mar 2010 21:39 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Chris Ahlstrom on Saturday:
>>> High Plains Thumper pulled:
>>>> [quote] Report: Microsoft May Help Apple Lawsuit Targets By Kevin
>>>> McLaughlin, ChannelWeb
>>>> Microsoft, of course, owns a vast patent portfolio and hasn't been shy
>>>> about wielding it. The software giant often uses its shadowy
>>>> collection of Linux patents to nudge competitors into patent cross
>>>> licensing agreements, with last month's deal with Amazon being the
>>>> latest example. [/quote]
>>>> http://www.crn.com/mobile/223300193
>>> Looks like Microsoft can no longer depend on all the press for positive
>>> coverage.
>> The same goes for the Apple Cult.
> After seeing the press about both, I can't agree more readily. Software
> patents are about the most wicked thing that has ever been legalised,
> short of the prolific illicit drug trade that is mostly ignored by the US
> and other nation's legal industry. (Actions or lack of it speak louder
> than words.) It makes a way to sue anyone for anything that resembles that
> patent. Most of these are truly non-innovative.

DMCA is another such law/amendment which only opens the door for one to abuse...
well, merely anyone. Shoot first, ask questions later.

In YouTube, people file false DMCAs to censor and harass people whom
they simply disagree with.

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