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Re: Blake Stowell Email to Maureen O'Gara: "I Need You to Send a Jab PJ's Way"

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____/ 7 on Monday 15 Mar 2010 04:19 : \____

> High Plains Thumper wrote:
>> bbgruff wrote:
>>> Perhaps many here won't remember it, but I certainly do - the
>>> "expose" of PJ of Groklaw fame, by a lady (I use the word in its
>>> broadest sense!) called Ms O'Gara.
>>> Strange how these things eventually come to light, isn't it? :-)
>>> http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20100312150121798
>> Yes it is. And I am grateful for how both the USDOJ and EU Instance
>> courts have made available information on the Internet, which we would
>> have never heard of previously except through the controlled press media.
>> Perhaps this is why the politicians want to control the Internet.
> Politicians can't control the internet.

The Internet is just a simple protocol for copying bits from one device onto another.
There are more efficient ways of doing this (PC-to-PC, intranet, etc.),
so if someone tries to control the Internet, s/he just takes that same
communication underground where it's even HARDER to control (no
points of surveillance).

> They themselves need it to get their p0rn collection sorted.
> Those that don't have it are abnormal, haven't got properly
> functioning organs and haven't got a healthy lifestyle that
> the majority lead the way with.

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