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[News] Beautifying the GNU/Linux Desktop

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Beautify Your Desktop : An Open Letter

,----[ Quote ]
| You must be tired, I know. Itâs quite hard to 
| impress a novice. I remember a GNU/Linux 
| novice once saying that he was quite 
| uncomfortable with his newly installed 
| distribution. You know, most of the open 
| source enthusiasts would have observed that 
| people who are likely to migrate back to 
| proprietary realm are those who have used 
| GNU/Linux for a period less than a couple of 
| months. The reasons are quite obvious â the 
| primary cause is that they are unable to find 
| alternatives and the second being the fact 
| that they might not have find the new 
| environment to be âuser friendlyâ. I know few 
| guys who are looking for more oxygen in the 
| environment (KDE) to breath.


KDE4 looks fantastic.

Remaining time in the Battery Monitor widget

,----[ Quote ]
| Mostly as a reminder to myself, hereâs how 
| to show remaining battery time in the 
| Battery Monitor widget shipped with KDE 
| Software Compilation >= 4.3...



10 things you might want to do in KDE SC 4.4

,----[ Quote ]
| With the release of KDE Software
| Compilation 4.4, many may feel tempted to
| give KDE Plasma Desktop (previously known
| as just âKDEâ, see Repositioning the KDE
| Brand) a try. Plasma Desktop introduced in
| KDE SC 4 behaves quite differently from
| other popular desktop workspaces, and
| without doubt many new users will feel
| slightly lost and confused the first time.
| Iâve gathered some tips for new users to
| get a more familiar desktop, based on
| frequently asked questions Iâve seen in
| various places. This is in no way a â10
| things you should doâ list â itâs up to you
| to decide which way you like better.

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