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[News] Britain to Allow Monopoly on Cosmetic Treatment, Unrest Over "IP" in Brazil

  • Subject: [News] Britain to Allow Monopoly on Cosmetic Treatment, Unrest Over "IP" in Brazil
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 18:19:46 +0000
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IPO finds cosmetic treatment patentable 

,----[ Quote ]
| Following the EPO decisions, the hearing 
| officer in this case considered the claimed 
| method was not treatment by surgery because 
| the intervention did not burn the skin (as 
| was the case in T 1172/03).  There was also 
| no suggestion that cells in the body were 
| radically altered in the process (as was 
| the case in T 383/03). The method was also 
| not treatment by therapy, because 
| (according to an expert medical witness) 
| there were apparently no medical conditions 
| that would benefit from wrinkle reduction 
| resulting from the method. On the matter of 
| inventive step, the hearing officer 
| considered that GB2344532 did not contain 
| clear and unmistakable directions to use 
| the known process for reducing wrinkles, 
| and that the use of the process to reduce 
| wrinkles would be counter-intuitive (akin, 
| so the hearing officer considered, to 
| prescribing cigarettes for treatment of 
| lung cancer), so the claimed invention 
| would not be obvious to the skilled person. 
| The objections raised could not therefore 
| be sustained, and the application was 
| remitted back to the examiner to conclude 
| examination.


Brazil Starts Public Consult On Retaliation Against US IP Rights

,----[ Quote ]
| The Brazilian government today announced 
| the start of a process of public 
| consultation on suspension of concessions 
| or obligations of intellectual property 
| rights from the United States. The 
| government on 15 March published a 
| resolution of the Chamber of External Trade 
| (CAMEX) launching the consultation, 
| according to a Brazilian government press 
| release.
| This follows a WTO dispute settlement 
| ruling in a US-Brazil dispute on cotton 
| subsidies where the US was found in non-
| compliance with international trade rules. 
| The decision gave Brazil the authorisation 
| to suspend its obligations on US goods 
| including IP rights.


More Examples Of Patent Incentives Making The World Less Safe

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, given Monsanto's history of patenting 
| disease resistant crops -- and then over-
| aggressively attacking anyone who uses such 
| crops (even accidentally), it would seem 
| like a rather legitimate fear. Perhaps, 
| rather than brushing this fear off, the 
| USDA's Cereal Disease Laboratory (CDL) 
| should work to do something to fix things?


Red Menace: Stop the Ug99 Fungus Before Its Spores Bring Starvation



Your genome isn't that precious â give it away

,----[ Quote ]
| A more radical approach - and one likely to appal the privacy advocates - is
| to throw off the shackles of privacy protection altogether. This is the line
| followed by Harvard Medical School's Personal Genome Project, which aims to
| make personal genome sequencing more affordable and accessible. The PGP
| obliges those who choose to participate to make their genetic data and other
| personal information available to researchers and the public.

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