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[News] A Look at Linux Mint 8 LXDE

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Linux Mint 8 LXDE CE Review: LXDE Done Right

,----[ Quote ]
| Trent and I were both looking forward to the 
| release of the Linux Mint LXDE Community 
| Edition for various reasons. Luckily for us, 
| Kendall (maintainer of the Linux Mint Fluxbox 
| CE) pointed us to the .iso for RC1, which is 
| what weâre using as the basis for this review. 
| Since we both have feedback on this CE, weâre 
| trying a Trent Says/Joe Says model. Enjoy!
| [...]
| The installer was the familiar Ubiquity 
| installer used by Ubuntu and Linux Mint alike, 
| which was not an issue on my hardware â though 
| Ubiquity can be an issue if youâre running 
| less than 256 Mb of RAM. While you may scoff 
| at that, some people are looking to lighter 
| weight releases like this one as an option for 
| resurrecting old hardware, so keep that in 
| mind if youâre thinking about giving this or 
| any other distro which uses the Ubiquity 
| installer a try.



Latest [Mint] news

,----[ Quote ]
| Kendall Weaver worked on an LXDE edition
| of Linux Mint and his latest ISO was
| approved for a release by Exploder. Itâs
| currently waiting my approval and the team
| and I are discussing what our strategy
| should be in regards to âCommunity
| Editionsâ. These editions are tested and
| released in the exact same way as the main
| edition and they meet the same quality
| requirements. According to reviews and the
| general feedback weâre getting about them
| theyâre quite popular. The label
| âcommunityâ undermines them though, not
| that âcommunityâ is pejorative or
| anything, but it makes them look ânon-
| officialâ. The only significant difference
| between the main edition and the community
| editions is simply the fact that their
| maintainers are benevolent volunteers who
| work on them in their spare time. As a
| consequence theyâre often released late in
| the release cycle and sometimes they may
| not be released at all (The Fluxbox
| edition for instance missed the Linux Mint
| 7 cycle). There are different things we
| can do about this, we can introduce money
| within the team, we can prioritize some
| editions and define our strategy in terms
| of how late an edition can and should beâ
| and Iâm sure weâll come with improvements,
| but the important thing at this stage is
| that weâre aware of the problem and weâre
| trying to strip these editions from their
| âcommunityâ label. So a big reflexion
| about this is ongoing and if we decide to
| go ahead with an LXDE edition, it should
| come out pretty quickly.

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