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[News] Loads of New Developments Around Android/Linux

  • Subject: [News] Loads of New Developments Around Android/Linux
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 00:26:18 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Zerion Software and SDG Systems to provide ruggedized Android Solutions

,----[ Quote ]
| Zerion Software is collaborating with SDG 
| Systems to provide ruggedized Android 
| solutions to the mobile workforce. 
| Together, the two companies are working to 
| build a field data-collection solution 
| running the offline capable exZact mobile 
| platform on rugged Google Android 
| computers. Both firms see a tremendous 
| opportunity in the marketplace for such a 
| ruggedized solution to be used for Field 
| Service, Task Management, and Work Order 
| Management.


VoiceCon: Android Where Art Thou?

,----[ Quote ]
| Why is Android getting such traction? For a 
| couple of reasons, but mainly because it is 
| free. Google is offering Android as free 
| open source software optimized for 
| communications. That combined with an 
| growing library of applications and 
| capabilities makes Android reasonably 
| attractive as an embedded operating system. 


ESC helps drive Android beyond cellphone

,----[ Quote ]
| Mentor Graphics, which has developed a set 
| of Android software development tools, will 
| host two talks on Android for embedded 
| systems, including one that will describe 
| how Android or Linux can co-exist with a 
| real-time operating system. A third talk 
| will be hosted by Bill Gatliff, an 
| independent consultant.


3 Reasons Why The Nexus One Phone Will Thrive

,----[ Quote ]
| 2)  Android Operating System
| Yes, Android runs on a lot of different 
| phones, but itâs also the operating system 
| for the Nexus One phone. The difference 
| between the Nexus One and all the other 
| phones is that Google owns it and puts its 
| own stamp of approval on it.
| The open source Android operating system on 
| the Nexus One phone means that Google will 
| be employing their own engineers to make 
| the Nexus One more efficient.  This âin 
| houseâ approach of Google will more than 
| likely launch the Nexus One far ahead of 
| their competitors that are equally powered 
| by Android.


TheMarker gets up close and personal with Google's top team 

,----[ Quote ]
| "Don't worry," Schmidt smiles. There's 
| another kind of Android, which is totally 
| open source. "Other companies do whatever 
| they want, and we don't even know about it. 
| So when we go to these conferences, all of 
| these random devices show up with Android 
| in them, that we've never heard of. Which 
| is the benefit of open source and very, 
| very exciting. So it looks like we have got 
| a huge, huge success with Android." 


Android Devices Crave Googleâs Attention

,----[ Quote ]
| Androidâs smartphone army is at least 20 
| phones strong, plus a ragtag rear guard of 
| e-book readers, tablets and set-top boxes.


Trial â A mobilephobics view of Android (complimented with the HTC Hero)

,----[ Quote ]
| I wonât continue on as this is not so much 
| a review but more of my thoughts on a 
| subject which Ive had strong opinions on in 
| the past (Mobile phone computing)  Whilst 
| my Winmob experience probably prevented me 
| from getting excited about it in the past, 
| Android and the HTC has changed all that.  
| I can now be productive on a mobile and 
| whilst the touch screen is not the best 
| keyboard in the world for me, Iâm getting 
| used to it and am certainly productive if 
| Im on the train or wanting to keep up my 
| online presence whilst on the move.


Why Android is a winning formula

,----[ Quote ]
| Out of all of these the one that appears to 
| have the most traction is Android. Google 
| is actively developing the OS, developers 
| are building apps for the platform and you 
| have a choice of manufacturers.


HTC Evo 4G Gets Rave Reviews at CTIA

,----[ Quote ]
| ...4G smartphone slated to come to market, 
| the Android-powered handset boasts some 
| serious specs, which is fueling a frenzy of 
| positive posts in the days since it was 
| unveiled. A full list of HTC Evo 4G 
| features is at the Sprint Web site, but the 
| features making the geeks go ga-ga include: 
| Android 2.1 OS, a QualComm SnapDragon 1Ghz 
| processor, a 4.3-inch touchscreen, HTC 
| Sense UI, 8-megapixel auto-focus camera 
| with HD-capable video camcorder and a 
| forward-facing 1.3-megapixel camera, built-
| in mobile hotspot functionality allowing 
| for eight wireless devices, live video 
| sharing with Qik, 1GB of built-in memory 
| and 512 MB RAM, in addition to all the 
| typical smartphone specs we've come to 
| expect.


HTC's latest Android phone taps Sprint's 4G network


Android virtualization platform taps security-enhanced hypervisor

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs) announced the 
| availability of a mobile virtualization 
| reference platform for its Android version 
| of the OKL4 microkernel hypervisor 
| ("Microvisor"). The Android "One Core" 
| platform appears to be the first 
| implementation of version 4.0 of OKL4, 
| which offers security and performance 
| enhancements, says the company.


Androidâs Secret Sauce? Googleâs Advertising Rev-Share Deals With Carriers 

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, at least part of the answer appears 
| to be that Google is sharing advertising 
| revenues with carriers that use Android, 
| according to multiple sources who are 
| familiar with the deals.


No word yet from Google or Verizon of Nexus One

,----[ Quote ]
| Rumours are hot on the subject of Googleâs 
| Nexus One being available on the Verizon 
| network. Of course with this weekâs CTIA 
| Wireless Conference we were expecting to 
| have heard more by now.


Skype Android app for Verizon Available Thursday


HTC EVO 4G is Sprint's Android-powered knight in superphone armor, we go hands-on

,----[ Quote ]
| We've been rumoring a WiMAX "HTC 
| Supersonic" for a while now, and Sprint 
| just dropped the hard news: the phone will 
| be dubbed the HTC EVO 4G, will be released 
| this Summer and it's easily the best 
| specced phone we've ever witnessed. The 
| hardware is of quite obvious HD2 descent, 
| but with Android onboard and some nice 
| aesthetic tweaks, the EVO 4G takes on a 
| life of its own.


DropBox cloud syncing app for Android on the way

,----[ Quote ]
| File syncing service DropBox is set to get 
| an Android app very soon, which means that 
| another swathe of smartphone users will be 
| able to access their Desktop files via the 
| cloud.


Push-to-talk phone runs Android

,----[ Quote ]
| Motorola announced what it says is the 
| first push-to-talk phone to run Android. 
| The rugged Motorola i1 runs on Sprint's 
| iDEN-ready Nextel Direct Connect service, 
| and offers a 3.1-inch, 480 x 320 
| touchscreen, up to 32GB of flash, WiFi, a 
| five-megapixel camera, plus the Opera Mini 
| 5 browser running on Android 1.5.


Fast-boot tech claims to load Android or Linux in one second

,----[ Quote ]
| Tokyo-based Ubiquitous Corp. announced the 
| availability of an ARM-focused technology 
| claimed to load Android or Linux in one 
| second. QuickBoot Release 1.0 
| preferentially restores memory areas 
| necessary for booting from nonvolatile 
| storage to RAM, says the company.
| QuickBoot, which is available in a Linux 
| SDK (see below), is aimed at TVs, STBs, 
| automotive infotainment systems, 
| smartbooks, and smartphones, says 
| Ubiquitous. QuickBoot 1.0 supports ARM9, 
| ARM11, and Cortex-A series processors, says 
| the company, which develops "compact, 
| efficient and high-speed network and 
| database software" for embedded devices. 


Nexus One on Android 2.1

,----[ Quote ]
| But right now, the N1/Android 2.1 combo is 
| in a really sweet spot.


Life at Google

,----[ Quote ]
| At 7:45 AM on Monday the 15th, I and a 
| bunch of really nervous-looking new 
| employees stood together in a lobby at the 
| Googleplex, waiting to be led in. Here are 
| some random first-week notes while my eyes 
| are still fresh.
| This might turn into a series, because I 
| recognize that my current employer is sort 
| of a technology tourist attraction and 
| people might want to read about it. On the 
| other hand, it has a culture of very 
| cautious communication, so Iâll have to be 
| careful.


Dell Aero â Android Never Looked So Good

,----[ Quote ]
| This phone is announced along side the 
| first pair of GSM webOS smartphones, Palm 
| Pre and Palm Pixi, to make it to the United 
| States.  It also marks the second Android 
| phone to come to AT&T since the Motorola 
| Backflip. We can only hope that the Dell 
| Aero does not follow in the Backflip's 
| disastrous footsteps. No release date known 
| yet.


Sprint to announce 'groundbreaking new device' (HTC Supersonic?) tomorrow


MoSync Comes Closer to âOne Tool for All Mobile Platformsâ by Adding Android Support 

,----[ Quote ]
| Swedish software company MoSync AB today 
| announced support for Android devices in 
| its cross-platform mobile development SDK.


Moto, Sprint to Offer Push-To-Talk Android i1

,----[ Quote ]
| Motorola (NYSE: MOT) and Sprint (NYSE: S) 
| today released details of a new push-to-
| talk, Android-powered smartphone, the 
| Motorola i1, combining the popular 
| ruggedized form of the iDen device family 
| with the features typically found in 
| smartphones.
| The curtain was raised on the i1 at CTIA 
| 2010, being held this week in Las Vegas, 
| and is expected to be available this 
| summer. While pricing details were not 
| disclosed, the two companies had plenty to 
| share in terms of features and 
| specifications.


Motorola Roi video demo

,----[ Quote ]
| MOTOROLA'S LATEST Roi Android handset gets 
| captured on film by the INQUIRER in an 
| exclusive walk through. The Roi is the 
| world's first 8-megapixel Google OS powered 
| mobile, which is capable of HD video 
| capture that can also be displayed directly 
| on an HD TV via its built in HDMI port.


Gesture Search now available for Android 1.6

,----[ Quote ]
| Since we launched Gesture Search on Android 
| Market two weeks ago, I've seen quite a bit 
| of feedback. For example, some of you have 
| requested Gesture Search for earlier 
| versions of Android, as well as access to 
| it outside the US.


Android Market Push Threatens BlackBerry and iPhone

,----[ Quote ]
| Android will, at some point, move past the 
| iPhone and into second place. It will take 
| a large number of different handsets to 
| accomplish this, so it's safe to say that 
| no single Android smartphone will be a 
| legitimate "iPhone killer."


Google Maps for Android Gets Improved User Interface

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has released version 4.1 of Google 
| Maps for Android, adding a constantly-
| updated map wallpaper, tweaking the way 
| search results are displayed and adding a 
| new Latitude widget for tracking your 
| friends.


Reasons for Root: Report

,----[ Quote ]
| Not quite three weeks ago, I made a request 
| in this column for "reasons for root" -- 
| business arguments why a device 
| manufacturer should be willing, perhaps 
| even interested, to allow replacement 
| firmware and/or root access on their 
| devices. That post received a number of 
| comments, as did a tweet and a thread on 
| the [android-discuss] Google Group.
| [...]
| Obviously, this report does not include 
| every possible argument, specifically 
| trying to stay away from emotional or 
| ethical points and sticking to business and 
| financial ones. I am sure there are more 
| ideas and arguments to be made, so I expect 
| this report to be a "living document", 
| republished periodically, gaining strength 
| each time.


DailyTech: âHTC Incredible Arriving in 2 Weeksâ

,----[ Quote ]
| Speaking to a member of the DailyTech team, 
| a member of Verizon confirmed that the 
| provider will be offering the phone just 
| two weeks from now.


Dell Aero claimed to be world's lightest Android phone

,----[ Quote ]
| AT&T said it will soon announce the Dell 
| Aero, which appears to be a version of 
| Dell's Android-based Mini 3 phone, and is 
| claimed to be the lightest Android 
| smartphone on the market. The wireless 
| carrier also announced that it will soon 
| offer the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus 
| smartphones.

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