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[News] Linux is Everywhere in Devices: Latest Examples

  • Subject: [News] Linux is Everywhere in Devices: Latest Examples
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 00:27:35 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Lindy USB 3.0 Drives and Docking Station for Linux 

,----[ Quote ]
| USB 3.0 promises up to 5 Gbit data 
| transfers. Manufacturer Lindy now brings 
| two SATA hard drive enclosures and a hard 
| drive docking/cloning station with USB 3.0 
| to the marketplace. 


A Review: Ben NanoNote Gets Small with Embedded Linux 

,----[ Quote ]
| Qi Hardware was founded in 2009 by several 
| former developers and engineers from the 
| Openmoko project, which initially set out 
| to build a completely-free Linux-based 
| mobile phone, but has since turned its 
| attention to other projects. Qi's business 
| model and product roadmap is decidedly more 
| incremental than Openmoko's, perhaps 
| reflecting lessons learned from the 
| previous company. Qi is self-funded; the 
| plan is to use proceeds of Ben sales to 
| fund the development on the next NanoNote 
| revision as well as other projects.


Mobile WiFi routers available in WiMAX, EVDO flavors

,----[ Quote ]
| Franklin Wireless Corp. announced two 
| mobile WiFi hotspot routers based on 
| embedded Linux that each weigh only 2.46 
| ounces. The R526 shares CDMA 1x EVDO Rev. 
| A+ bandwidth with WiFi clients while the 
| R536 WiMAX Wave II shares WiMAX 
| connectivity, says the company.


coolest (or scariest?) Linux robot ever


Serial device server monitors over 3G networks

,----[ Quote ]
| Opengear announced a new version of its 
| Linux-based ACM5000 line of serial device 
| servers, claimed to be the first to offer 
| remote monitoring over 3G cellular network 
| devices. The ACM5004-G is equipped with 
| four serial ports, an Ethernet port, and a 
| USB port, and supports EDGE, GPRS, GSM, 
| HSDA and HSUPA networks.


Wind River in multicore alliance with Cavium

,----[ Quote ]
| Wind River, which is owned by Intel, and 
| Cavium will sell versions of Wind Riverâs 
| VxWorks and Linux multicore software 
| optimised for Caviumâs OCTEON family of 
| multicore processors.
| âOur partnership no doubt sends a strong 
| message to the market about our long-term 
| commitment to support multiple generations 
| of Cavium products,â said Roger Williams, 
| vice president, Alliances and Business 
| Development, Wind River.
| In November, Cavium Networks agreed to 
| acquire MontaVista Software for $50m, in a 
| deal which confirms the growing importance 
| of Linux software support for processor 
| suppliers.


Korenix Unveils Compact Programmable Embedded VPN Routing Computer JetBox 5430-w

,----[ Quote ]
| Korenix is pleased to release the brand new 
| embedded programmable Layer3 Routing 
| Computer â JetBox 5430-w with Linux 
| computing capabilities and -40 ~80oC wide 
| operating temperature range designed to 
| provide advanced network performance in 
| front-end industrial control applications.


Paragon Software Group Teams with Iomega

,----[ Quote ]
| With the addition of Paragon NTFS for Linux 
| and HFS+ for Linux, users will be able to 
| attach their Windows and/or Mac-formatted 
| external HDDs to the iConnect Wireless Data 
| Station, thereby turning it into an NAS 
| device.


Ubiquitous demos one-second boot tech

,----[ Quote ]
| The company is hoping to sell the 
| technology, which it has developed for 
| Linux and Android on ARM-based architecture 
| systems, to OEMs and ODMs creating TVs with 
| embedded computing technology, set-top 
| boxes, highly portable devices such as 
| smartphones and smartbooks, and even the 
| in-car entertainment industry - although 
| has yet to release pricing information.


Man takes photos from space using Â500 digital camera kit

,----[ Quote ]
| The camera was hooked up to a small, Linux-
| based computer that was set to wake up the 
| camera at set intervals and snap a picture. 
| A GPS unit allowed Harrison to recover his 
| camera when the balloon eventually came 
| back to Earth.


Hack your Samsung TV, linux guy

,----[ Quote ]
| Interestingly enough, the official Samsung 
| firmware for several different models is 
| based off the Linux kernel.


Cool Linux powered robot boat

,----[ Quote ]
| The Roboat is an autonomous robotic 
| sailboat powered by Linux.


Fast-boot tech claims to load Android or Linux in one second

,----[ Quote ]
| Tokyo-based Ubiquitous Corp. announced the 
| availability of an ARM-focused technology 
| claimed to load Android or Linux in one 
| second. QuickBoot Release 1.0 
| preferentially restores memory areas 
| necessary for booting from nonvolatile 
| storage to RAM, says the company.


Mid-range Android phone sports WVGA display

,----[ Quote ]
| Kyocera Communications announced its first 
| Android phone, aiming at the mid-range of 
| the market. The Kyocera Zio M6000 is 
| equipped with a Qualcomm MSM7627 SoC and 
| 3.5-inch WVGA display, plus WiFi, aGPS, 
| Bluetooth 2.0, a 3.2-megapixel, video-ready 
| camera, and up to six hours of talk time, 
| says the company.


Android phone sports four-inch Super AMOLED display

,----[ Quote ]
| Like the Samsung Wave, a smartphone running 
| Samsung's home-grown, "Bada" operating 
| system, the Android-based Galaxy S offers 
| an unnamed 1GHz processor. Several industry 
| reports have suggested it's a Samsung 
| processor, which would make sense. Our 
| guess for both phones is the Cortex-A8-
| based, 45nm-fabricated S5PC110. 


PI launches motion controller for PILine motors

,----[ Quote ]
| The software package includes the user 
| program PIMikromove, Labview drivers, DLLs 
| and support of Linux operating systems.


i.MX51 board initialization and memory mapping using the Linux target image builder (LTIB)

,----[ Quote ]
| This application note provides general 
| information regarding the board 
| initialisation process and the memory 
| mapping implementation of the Linux kernel 
| using the LTIB in an i.MX51 board support 
| package (BSP).


JetBox 9532 Linux-ready VPN Router allows users to connect and remotely manage card readers, cameras and speakers

,----[ Quote ]
| Equipped with 4 additional RS232/422/485 
| serial ports, the JetBox 9532 Linux-based 
| embedded platform allows users to connect 
| and remotely manage card readers, cameras, 
| speakers and other access and security 
| control devices via Ethernet.


VIVOTEK's first IP surveillance road show is a grand success

,----[ Quote ]
| The introduction of Linux-related 
| technology, such as video recorders, 
| storage, video management, video analytics, 
| I/O controls, and embedded systems were 
| also introduced in the road show for the 
| first time.


Stretch S6000 Family Processors Power New NVR Server From Exacq 

,----[ Quote ]
| Stretch Inc., the pioneer and leader in 
| software configurable processors, today 
| announced that Exacq Technologies, Inc., 
| developers of the exacqVision VMS software 
| and systems for video surveillance 
| applications, is using Stretch S6000 family 
| processors to power its new exacqVision EL-
| S embedded Linux NVR appliance.


Opera and Ocean Blue launch HbbTV solution

,----[ Quote ]
| This solution combines the Opera Devices 
| SDK for Linux, Operaâs fully compliant 
| HbbTV framework and Ocean Blueâs DVB 
| middleware, which incorporates HbbTV 
| extensions. The resulting package gives 
| full flexibility to OEMs, enabling them to 
| implement HbbTV portals and services, such 
| as ARD/ ZDF Mediathek, Tagesschau and Arte.


Loewe selects Opera to deliver premium Web technology to connected TVs

,----[ Quote ]
| Opera Software today announced that its 
| Opera Devices SDK 10.15 for Linux was 
| selected by Loewe, the premium European 
| brand in-home entertainment. Opera will 
| help Loewe fulfill its promise to deliver 
| âinnovation for the sensesâ by providing 
| Web browsing, widgets and HbbTV 
| implementation on Loewe connected TVs.


Control Issues: Reviewing the Behringer BCF2000 and FCB1010

,----[ Quote ]
| That's it for this week's report. If you've 
| been hesitating over the purchase of either 
| the BCF/BCR or the FCB, hesitate no longer. 
| The units are well-supported by Linux, they 
| work beautifully, and software editors are 
| available that can help you design more 
| creative and effective configurations.


Multi-Tech Systems Announces Cellular Development Platform for M2M Applications and Products 

,----[ Quote ]
| Set to be available in May 2010, the 
| Platform enables developers to bridge 
| multiple interfaces and create gateway 
| access to the cellular network by 
| leveraging Linux-based open source software 
| and field-tested, globally approved 
| hardware.


Ubiquitous Corporation Launches "Ubiquitous QuickBoot", as a Break-Through Booting Innovation for Various Embedded Devices 

,----[ Quote ]
| By using the epoch-making Ubiquitous 
| QuickBoot on ARM platform, Android or Linux 
| can boot in 1 second, after turning on the 
| power as a "cold" boot.


Marvell Moby Tablet - the Linux factor

,----[ Quote ]
| Itâs going to be running Linux. Now I love 
| Linux. I use it for my web servers, all of 
| my thin clients have a light Linux OS, and 
| whenever I can get someone to give it a 
| shot on their own computers, I hand them a 
| live CD. Ubuntu will be the only way that 
| these little tablets will be able to run on 
| the Marvell chipset and the only way to hit 
| that $99 pricepoint (or, for that matter, a 
| sub-$200 pricepoint). The Flash 
| implementation that Rachel King reported 
| rules out Windows 7 Mobile as well.
| So Linux it is (and I say Ubuntu because 
| that has been well-developed for embedded 
| applications and runs the Tonido Plug quite 
| handily). The problem with Linux is two-
| fold: 1) Most people donât like it as much 
| as I do and teachers will be put off by 
| âsomething different.â 2) Development 
| efforts in interactive ebooks are favoring 
| the iPad and Microsoft slates, not Linux-
| based devices.
| While most folks donât realize that their 
| Kindles and other e-readers are running 
| Linux, they expect these devices to be 
| âdifferent.â Over and over, though, Iâve 
| encountered users who expect a computer-
| like device to either look like Windows or 
| look like OS X.


Dual-core SOC for thin clients runs Android locally

,----[ Quote ]
| NComputing shipped a SoC (system-on-chip) 
| designed for thin clients that will provide 
| multimedia-enabled remote access to Windows 
| and Linux desktops, and optionally run 
| Android 2.1 locally. The $20 Numo SoC is 
| based on a dual-core ARM-based CPU, and is 
| designed to work with the company's VSpace 
| virtualization software.


Iris Servers and Velocity Workstations from Pogo Linux Feature 12x Better Performance with Intelâs New Intel Xeon 5600 Processors 

,----[ Quote ]
| New Pogo Linux servers and workstations 
| built with the new Intel Xeon processor, 
| automatically shift the CPU and memory into 
| the lowest available power state at any 
| given time. In addition to integrated power 
| gates for increased energy savings, Pogo 
| Linux Intel Xeon 5600 systems automatically 
| regulate power consumption and adjust 
| system performance to meet application and 
| user-environments needs. 


Datalight Simplifies Reliable Data Storage for Linux-based Devices

,----[ Quote ]
| Datalight announces support for Linux 
| kernel versions up to 2.6.29 with new 
| versions of FlashFX Tera, the file-system 
| independent flash memory manager and 
| Reliance Nitro, the highly-reliable, high-
| performance file system.


Timesys(R) - Preferred Linux Solution Provider for Texas Instruments Processors - Announces Support for the New TMS320DM365 DaVinci(TM) Video Processor


Cool: Or Hot? Linux really making your coffee, live a linux coffee machine

,----[ Quote ]
| Too bad it's only for professional use the 
| HGZ Linux based coffee machine. I'd love to 
| have on of these. A Dream come true. The 
| Linux coffee maker.


3D-ready IPTV SoC sports three app processors

,----[ Quote ]
| ViXS says each of the XCode 4210's 
| application processors runs its own RTOS 
| (real time operating system) 
| simultaneously. However, the MIPS core runs 
| Linux 2.6.28, with support for the Linux 
| DVB driver subsystem. 


HD video chip gains Linux development framework support

,----[ Quote ]
| Timesys announced that its LinuxLink 
| development framework for custom embedded 
| Linux devices supports the Texas 
| Instruments (TI) TMS320DM365 DaVinci video 
| processor. The LinuxLink for DM365 service 
| offers Linux development tools and a pre-
| integrated build environment for the ARM-
| based chip, says Timesys.


Wind River extends support for MIPS64 SoCs

,----[ Quote ]
| Wind River and Cavium launched their 
| original partnership to support the Octeon 
| processors back in 2007. In September of 
| last year, after Wind River was acquired by 
| Intel, the company signaled that it would 
| continue to work with Cavium when it 
| announced that Wind River Linux 3.0 for 
| MIPS complied with the Carrier Grade Linux 
| (CGL) 4.0 networking equipment 
| specification, thereby extending CGL 4.0 
| support for Cavium's Octeon processors. The 
| support was also extended to MIPS64-based 
| multi-core processors from RMI Corp., which 
| has been acquired by NetLogic Microsystems.

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