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[News] Some of the Latest Free Software/Open Source Success Stories

  • Subject: [News] Some of the Latest Free Software/Open Source Success Stories
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 11:00:15 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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New technology could open gaming world to disabled

,----[ Quote ]
| A new computer game designed by Imperial 
| College London students could open the 
| gaming world to those with severe physical 
| disabilities.
| Using the open source game Pong, students 
| at Imperial College London were able to 
| make adaptations so that the player moves 
| the bat using their eyes while wearing 
| special glasses.


Zenoss: Open Source Infiltrates Large Service Providers?

,----[ Quote ]
| Olivier Thierry (Chief Marketing Officer) 
| and Brian Riley (VP Global Alliances) 
| described several Zenoss business 
| milestones to me earlier today. Among the 
| anecdotes Thierry and Riley shared:
|     * Zenoss generated roughly 150% year-
|     over-year revenue growth in 2009 vs. 
|     2008;
|     * the Zenoss customer base grew roughly 
|     40% in 2009 vs. 2008
|     * for every $1 customers initially 
|     spent with Zenoss, the same customer 
|     typically spent an additional 40 cents 
|     in order to expand their use of Zenoss;
|     * major service providers and 
|     consulting firms embracing Zenoss 
|     include Accenture, CSC, Perot and 
|     Verizon; and
|     * VMware itself uses Zenoss to manage 
|     virtualized data centers.


Open10MS: Still Open â Still Free

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâm sitting in my office, which once housed 
| all three of the OpenNMS Group founders, 
| drinking some Copperline Amber while 
| listening to the âtap tap tapâ of the drums 
| as the guys in the next room play Rock Band 
| on our HD projector.


Open source tool to manage electronic petitions

,----[ Quote ]
| A first version of an open source tool to 
| help manage electronic petitions has been 
| published on the Open Source Observatory 
| and Repository (OSOR) for European public 
| administrations.


Free Cloud Alliance Formed - Open Source IaaS, PaaS and SaaS for the Enterprise

,----[ Quote ]
| IELO, Mandriva, Nexedi and TioLive join 
| forces to create the Free Cloud Alliance 
| (FCA), an alliance of Free / Open Source 
| Software publishers which provides 100% 
| Open Source solutions for the fast growing 
| market of Enterprise Cloud Computing. The 
| Free Cloud Alliance (freecloudalliance.org) 
| is the first Open Source Cloud Computing 
| Stack which covers both Infrastructure as a 
| Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service 
| (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) 
| with a consistent set of technologies 
| targetted at high performance and mission 
| critical applications.


Learning competence with free and open source software

,----[ Quote ]
| This personal change is one of the biggest 
| reasons that I am committed to free 
| software. Using Windows only reinforced my 
| belief in my own incompetence at fixing or 
| improving things. By contrast, free 
| software proved to my that I was capable of 
| far more than I had ever imagined.


Tony Wasserman's thoughts on joining the OSI Board

,----[ Quote ]
| As a new member of the Board (as of 1 
| April), I thought that it would be useful 
| to explain why I wanted to join the OSI 
| Board and what I hope to achieve during my 
| term. As you can see from my bio (on the 
| Board member page), I've been involved with 
| software, both proprietary and open source, 
| for my entire career, both in industry and 
| in the research community. 


Articles of regional Free Software law violate the Italian Constitution

,----[ Quote ]
| Can you see now what the real problem is? 
| Especially considering that even recent law 
| proposals at the national level aren't so 
| robust after all? This sentence may be just 
| the first confirmation that several laws 
| already approved, even with the best 
| intentions, are in fact weak enough to not 
| be enforceable. At this point, I really 
| wonder how many local Free Software laws in 
| other Countries are in the same situation. 
| If you know the answer, please tell me! As 
| far as Italy is concerned, it will be very 
| interesting to hear what the new Piedmont 
| Regional Council, that will be elected on 
| March 29th 2010, will say about this, since 
| there should be in it at least some of the 
| 31 candidates that had officially committed 
| to support Free Software if elected. Even 
| other italian Regions, however, will have 
| to rethink very carefully their Free 
| Software strategies. 


Give your website some open-source sparkle

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâm currently in full-on development mode 
| on two projects, a Mac application and a 
| website, and while Iâve been toiling Iâve 
| found some terrific open-source code that 
| has saved me weeks of programming time. So 
| this column is a bit of a goody-bag of 
| assorted open-source utilities that Iâve 
| been using in earnest.


How to buy GIS/mapping software

,----[ Quote ]
| Also available are a number of "open 
| source" GIS applications. Open source 
| software is usually free, written by a 
| community of users who all have access to 
| the source code. The users constantly 
| refine the software, posting new versions 
| and specialized add-ins to the basic 
| application. Open source products lack the 
| flash of commercial packages, but often 
| work as well or better than the high-priced 
| types. There is an index of open source GIS 
| products at http://opensourcegis.org. 


Exadel Fiji: new forum, issue tracker, JavaFX support, open source soon 

,----[ Quote ]
| Exadel Fiji extends JSF by allowing the use 
| of Flex with JSF components and within a 
| JSF page. It comes with ready-to-use 
| charting components based on Flash as well 
| as universal wrapper which allows to wrap 
| any Flash component as JSF component. 


A New View: Introducing Doc Viewer 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| This is the version of document viewer we 
| will be releasing as open source software 
| in the very, very near future.


WeWebU Turns 10 and Gives out Presents

,----[ Quote ]
| Going Open Source is another important step 
| in WeWebUâs growth strategy. They have 
| decided to adopt a Commercial Open Source 
| business model in addition to the 
| traditional license sale. Stefan 
| Waldhauser, co-founder and CEO of WeWebU, 
| is excited: âI think Commercial Open Source 
| is a significant trend in the software 
| industry. Since our foundation ten years 
| ago, WeWebU has always been driven by 
| technology and the power of innovation. A 
| Commercial Open Source strategy fits 
| perfectly to our OpenWorkdesk offering and 
| the objective to deliver the best way to 
| build Composite Content Applications.â


WeP Solutions reinforces services focus

,----[ Quote ]
| The UTM offering, called Ubiq-Freedom which 
| is available under an open-source licence 
| includes open-source software such as Squid 
| caching proxy for the Web and IP tables for 
| the firewall.


Bletchley Park Gets Â250,000 Government Funding

,----[ Quote ]
| More recently Bletchley Park played host to 
| a national partnership, designed to 
| encourage the UK local authorities to work 
| together to save Â60 million a year across 
| their educational ICT budgets, through the 
| use of open source solutions.
| âThe 17 Local Authorities comprising the 
| North West Learning Grid will now be 
| looking at the feasibility of implementing 
| open source solutions in all areas of their 
| education services,â said the CEO of the 
| North West Learning Grid, Gary Clawson, in 
| October.


Kit attacks Microsoft keyboards (and a whole lot more)

,----[ Quote ]
| Security researchers on Friday unveiled an 
| open-source device that captures the 
| traffic of a wide variety of wireless 
| devices, including keyboards, medical 
| devices, and remote controls.
| Keykeriki version 2 captures the entire 
| data stream sent between wireless devices 
| using a popular series of chips made by 
| Norway-based Nordic Semiconductor. That 
| includes the device addresses and the raw 
| payload being sent between them. The open-
| source package was developed by researchers 
| of Switzerland-based Dreamlab Technologies 
| and includes complete software, firmware, 
| and schematics for building the $100 
| sniffer.


SIGVerse open source simulator

,----[ Quote ]
| Users are able to program a virtual robot 
| in C++ and modify the virtual environment 
| to suit a wide range of situations. 


Magento: Reaching the Tipping Point?

,----[ Quote ]
| Magento (formerly known as Varien), the 
| company behind an open source ecommerce 
| platform aptly named Magento, relaunched 
| their Solution Partner Program in April 
| 2009. And in last yearâs Open Source  50 
| report, Magento was listed in the âBest of 
| the Restâ section based on limited 
| information and feedback from solution 
| partners about the partner program. Fast 
| forward to the present, and the company is 
| showing some partner momentum. Magentoâs 
| story offers some important lessons for 
| other open source partner programs.


Old phones save lives

,----[ Quote ]
| IntraHealth and the Senegalese Ministry of 
| Health are using a simple mobile 
| information system based on 
| FrontlineSMS:Medic, a free, open-source 
| software platform that enables large-scale, 
| two-way text messaging. The software was 
| customized for the project in partnership 
| with RAES, the African Network for Health 
| Education. Providers send health data via 
| cell phones to a centrally supported 
| automated response server in Dakar, where 
| it is analyzed by Ministry of Health staff.


Making Sense of Open Source Diversity

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source needs an app store.
| No, I am not crazy. Well, not about this, 
| anyway. I know that apps for Linux, and 
| open source apps in general, are free and 
| easy to download and install. They are also 
| numerous. Very. To the point where it has 
| become increasingly difficult to keep track 
| of which apps are available to do which 
| tasks. And thatâs me talking--someone who 
| is supposed to know whatâs what in the 
| community.


Editor's Note: What is There Besides Money?

,----[ Quote ]
| My county lives and dies by volunteer 
| labor. If we didn't have so many generous, 
| far-sighted volunteers filling key 
| positions we'd be in sorry shape. The fire 
| departments are all volunteer, and they are 
| required to have the same training and 
| skills as big-city paid departments. Search 
| and rescue, sheriff's reserves, home health 
| care and hospice, and on and on and 
| on...all of these jobs that are ordinarily 
| paid positions are capably filled by 
| skilled, committed unpaid volunteers.
| Sound familiar? It is true that a lot of 
| FOSS development is paid, but a sizable 
| amount is still done by unpaid volunteers. 
| The value of diverse, open development and 
| distribution should speak for itself, given 
| its long and successful history, and yet 
| one of the biggest unanswered questions is 
| how can a person make a living from FOSS? 
| Those folks who are quickest with answers 
| like "give away the code, sell service and 
| support" are people who have jobs with 
| paychecks, and have never tried it. 


Culture in computing.

,----[ Quote ]
| This is my quick take on these three 
| computing cultures in an already too long 
| blog posting. In summary, I think that 
| Apple culture is going the way of mobile 
| gadgets, windows culture is as hard and 
| mouldy as two week old stale bread and the 
| open source culture is undergoing a 
| renaissance and bringing computing back to 
| an even keel. I also believe that a very 
| important factor is that the younger 
| generation are much more technologically 
| savvy than my generation of fat balding 
| greybearded eldergeeks :) They realise the 
| intrinsic value and it is their thoughts 
| and opinions which are influencing the 
| change in the current cultures. What do you 
| think? How are the current computing 
| cultures evolving and how will they evolve 
| in the future?


Symbian plans fightback as phone share slumps

,----[ Quote ]
| On a handset running Symbian ^3, he showed 
| me features such as multi-touch, multi-
| tasking, 3D support, improved shading and 
| transparency on the screen interface, a 
| social address book linked to Facebook and 
| Twitter and moveable and customisable web-
| based widgets.


Why Open Source Rules for Collaboration Software

,----[ Quote ]
| The category of collaboration software is 
| growing and changing quickly, encompassing 
| fields like CRM dashboards, enterprise 
| intelligence and analytics. In this 
| category, the very nature of open source 
| software gives it a clear advantage. It 
| doesn't seek to own the platform, the 
| protocol, the exchange format or the 
| community.


Former MySQL CEO: More successful open source startups needed 

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source is no longer considered the 
| wild underdog, but it will need more new 
| companies making money off the trend, the 
| one-time CEO of MySQL stressed Wednesday at 
| the EclipseCon 2010 conference.


Subtitles come to Miro 3.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Miro, the open source Internet TV / podcast 
| downloader and player, has been updated to 
| version 3.0 and is now able to display 
| embedded or standalone subtitles for 
| videos. When a video is playing in Miro 3, 
| a drop down menu displays any automatically 
| located subtitles. Alternatively, the user 
| can select their own subtitle files.


FOSSBazaar face to face meeting at LF Collaboration Summit

,----[ Quote ]
| As in the last two years, we'll be holding 
| a FOSSBazaar face to face meeting at the LF 
| Collaboration Summit. The Collaboration 
| Summit takes place from Wednesday April 14 
| to Friday April 16 in San Francisco and our 
| meeting will be on Thursday and Friday.


BLOSSOMS: Jordan Chooses Open Education for High Schools
,----[ Quote ]
| Jordanian Minister of Education, Ibrahim 
| Badran, announced Jordan's intention to 
| start BLOSSOMS II in ten selected high 
| schools of the kingdom. BLOSSOMS (Blended 
| Learning Open Source Science or Math 
| Studies) is an Open-education initiative 
| started by MIT in partnership with Jordan 
| and Pakistan.

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