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[News] GIMP Reviews and Look at Next Version

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Photoshopâs CAF (content-aware fill) - unbelievable? Not quite.

,----[ Quote ]
| They can rest assured - it is possible and 
| it has been around for years, e.g. in the 
| GIMP plugin by Paul Harrison called 
| Resynthesizer.


Development GIMP Version 2.7 Review

,----[ Quote ]
| GIMP 2.7 seems to always start in multi-
| window mode, even if the user closes GIMP 
| in single-window mode. Although this may 
| have just been a misconfiguration with our 
| GIMP, proper configuration won't be 
| completely implemented until GIMP 2.8's 
| release.
| There is another thing. If you maximize the 
| window and then switch tabs it unmaximizes, 
| bringing the window back to the size it was 
| before maximizing.
| With minor GEGL improvements, the current 
| development version of GIMP 2.7 doesn't 
| appear to have that many new features. 
| We'll review GIMP again in a while. Until 
| next time...


GIMP 2.8 development still under control

,----[ Quote ]
| A while back I announced the creation of a 
| schedule for GIMP 2.8 development. I've 
| made sure to keep this schedule up to date, 
| and after a bunch of initial adjustments 
| such as postponing some feature and adding 
| others, the schedule has now stabilized a 
| bit. The estimated date for a release 
| candidate is still in December 2010. 
| Tracking progress with a schedule really 
| helps you to feel in control of 
| development. The 2.4 development cycle 
| which I were around in the end of, and the 
| 2.6 development cycle which I were fully 
| part of, were more chaotic with no 
| commitment to a delivery date. This is 
| perfectly fine for many, but I prefer 
| structured development.


[Meet the GIMP] Episode 136: Shrinking a Bass Player

,----[ Quote ]
| I got the planned episode 136 nearly ready 
| â a photography trip to Hamburg. But then 
| came an urgent job from Chicago and 
| overturned the schedule. (No, John, it 
| wasnât urgent, it was convenient to have a 
| bit more time to edit the Hamburg show).


Adobe's "Magic" Is Gimp's Old Plug-In 

,----[ Quote ]
| Suddenly the graphics world is all atwitter 
| about this miraculous new feature they're 
| previewing in Photoslop. A Photoslop team 
| guy has a video up with a "sneak preview" 
| of what they're calling "Content-Aware 
| Fill." As soon as I saw it, I remembered 
| some plug-in that I'd tried in Gimp long 
| ago, but couldn't remember what it was.


Episode 137: A Trip to Hamburg

,----[ Quote ]
| I mention two podcasts worth to follow. 
| Jeff Curtoâs âThe History of Photographyâ 
| and The Worldâs âTechnology Podcastâ.  And 
| then there is the Haus der Photographie in 
| the Deichtorhallen, which has good 
| exhibitions and a good bookstore. The map 
| in the bbegin was provided by the Open 
| Street Map Project.



Photoshop CS4 vs. GIMP 2.6.6

,----[ Quote ]
| What GIMP 2.6.6 offers that Photoshop CS4 does
| not:
|     * You can open and edit several formats in
|     GIMP 2.6.6 which includes support for PSD
|     files. But Photoshop CS4 does not extend
|     the same support to XCD files which the
|     native file format for GIMP.
|     * You can open a layered image as a flat
|     file without merging the layers in GIMP
|     directly from the 'File' menu, which is not
|     possible in Photoshop CS4. Even after you
|     open a file without layers in GIMP, the
|     original properties are intact, unless you
|     edit and save the file.
|     * There are several plug-ins features which
|     are not usually used. This reduced system
|     resources effectively.
| Being an open source application, it supports a
| large number of add-ons and plug-ins to give
| you real time software updates. What's more you
| have complete check on your system resources as
| you will download only those functionalities
| that you need!


Free GIMP Button Brushes

,----[ Quote ]
| The buttons are in greyscale so can be colored
| any way you like; they are without text to
| make it easier for you to customize them; and
| they are quicker to use than the scripts that
| originally created them. The ones shown in the
| image are only exemplary of the goodies given
| away in the download.

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