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[News] Free Software Combines to Make Business (Dual Licensing)

  • Subject: [News] Free Software Combines to Make Business (Dual Licensing)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 11:06:07 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Alfresco: Microsoft SharePoint Alternative In the Cloud?

,----[ Quote ]
| Alfrescoâs cloud efforts are part of a 
| broader channel effort at the company, 
| which has shown momentum in the past year 
| or so. Alfresco landed near the top of the 
| 2009 Open Source 50 report, which tracks 
| the most promising open source partner 
| programs (the 2010 research is under way 
| now).


Future of Open Source Survey - Results

,----[ Quote ]
| The growth of open-source software in the 
| commercial sector was also noted, and the 
| promotion of open-source projects by 
| commercial open-source companies was cited 
| as a factor. (REvolution Computing 
| promoting the R Project was one example 
| given.) The other theme I spotted was 
| innovation: while lowering costs is still 
| the #1 ranked feature of open-source, 
| access to new methods and the rapid pace of 
| innovation in FOSS compared to proprietary 
| software is now being listed as a critical 
| reason to switch.


Eucalyptus New CEO Preps For Cloud Explosion

,----[ Quote ]
| During his seven year stretch as CEO of 
| MySQL, Mickos turned the open source 
| database market on its ear, growing MySQL 
| from a startup to one of the most prominent 
| open source company in the world. He grew 
| MySQL to the point thatSun Microsystems 
| (NSDQ: JAVA) swooped in and acquired it 
| with a $1 billion offer, an unheard of sum 
| for an open source company. 


Please break our open source business strategy model

,----[ Quote ]
| It included a partial explanation of my 
| theory that those strategies do not exist 
| in isolation, but are steps on an 
| evolutionary process, and also introduced 
| our model for visualizing the core elements 
| of an open source-related business 
| strategy.


Reductive Labs, Home of Puppet, Changes Name to Puppet Labs

,----[ Quote ]
| Reductive Labs, the home of Puppet, the 
| open source leader in data center 
| automation, has announced that it has 
| changed its name to Puppet Labs. This name 
| better represents the focus of the company 
| on guiding development of Puppet, 
| supporting the large and growing Puppet 
| community and delivering premium tools and 
| services to enable broader deployments of 
| Puppet in large enterprises.


New Release of OrangeHRM's Open Source HRM Software

,----[ Quote ]
| OrangeHRM, Inc. is pleased to announce that 
| it released the latest version of 
| OrangeHRM, its open-source HRM software 
| today. Release 2.6 incorporates a 
| Performance Module, a new feature designed 
| to help small- and medium-sized enterprises 
| conduct formal employee performance 
| reviews.


Mickos: What's bigger than open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| Mickos is a smart guy. He has deep 
| institutional knowledge of the industry. 
| For Eucalyptus to be wildly successful, 
| it's going to have to be bigger than just 
| open source, as The VAR Guy points out, 
| i.e., bigger than just an open license 
| attached to otherwise ordinary software. 
| Customers pay for value, and that value, as 
| Mickos thinks, sits at the nexus of cloud, 
| open-source, and collective computing.


Former MySQL CEO Mickos Says Open Source Needs More Money Flow

,----[ Quote ]
| Mickos also said that part of the reason 
| MySQL kicked off so much open source code 
| for community use was that revenues from it 
| were constant.


How do I know if an open source software product is right for my organization?

,----[ Quote ]
| More and more organizations are relying on 
| open source software to build, test, 
| deploy, and run mission critical IT 
| applications. From small start-ups to 
| Fortune 500 companies, organizations 
| worldwide are continuing to find open 
| source as a cost effective means to deliver 
| quality business applications. With a 
| wealth of commercial and open source 
| software options widely available, how does 
| an organization know if an open source 
| product is right for them?


Coming to America: Abiquo Cloud Management

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Source or Enterprise License
| The company provides its cloud management 
| product as an open source Community Edition 
| and as a commercial Enterprise Edition. The 
| former is offered via the GNU Lesser 
| General Public License Version 3. Abiquo 
| 1.5 will be available within 45 days.


Can Marten Mickos Build Another $100 Million Company?

,----[ Quote ]
| Can Marten Mickos capture open source 
| lightning in a bottle â twice? He 
| previously built MySQL into an estimated 
| $100 million open source database company 
| that Sun ultimately acquired for $1 
| billion. Now, Mickos is stepping into the 
| CEO role at Eucalyptus Systems, the open-
| source cloud platform provider. Hereâs what 
| Mickos has to say about his new position, 
| and the implications for the channel.


Third Annual OSC (Open Source eCommerce) Industry Awards Results

,----[ Quote ]
| Each year for the past three years I have 
| conducted an annual survey of users of Open 
| Source eCommerce programs to help encourage 
| and foster professionalism and improvement 
| in the OSC industry. Each year there have 
| been some surprises and insights, and this 
| year is no exception.


New Release of OrangeHRM's Open Source HRM Software


Open Text CM debuts on BlackBerry 

,----[ Quote ]
| Hospitality solutions provider GuestCentric 
| has integrated its booking engine Joomla, 
| says Travolution.


Open source and the Morevna project

,----[ Quote ]
| Konstatin Dmitriev's Morevna Project is to 
| 2-D animation what the Blender Foundation's 
| Open movie projects have been for 3-D. The 
| goal is to produce a production-quality, 
| full-length animated feature, using only 
| open source software, and license the 
| source content and final product under 
| free, re-use-friendly terms. Along the way, 
| the work provides stress-testing, feedback, 
| and development help to the open source 
| software used, while raising awareness of 
| the quality of the code.


BIND 10: The First Year

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