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[News] More Praises and Presence of Free Software

  • Subject: [News] More Praises and Presence of Free Software
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 11:08:19 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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GParted is such sweet software

,----[ Quote ]
| What are some good practices for managing a 
| successful project? âYou need to keep an 
| open mind while carefully listening to what 
| others have to say,â advises Curtis Gedak. 
| âKeeping your cool and remaining patient is 
| also essential to understanding a 
| perspective that might differ from your 
| own. And remember to recognize the 
| contributions of individuals, and to 
| provide credit for accomplishments where 
| credit is due.â Those words of wisdom â and 
| some pretty useful software â have 
| propelled the project Gedak manages, 
| GParted, to a spot on the weekly Tops 
| Downloads list on SourceForge.net. 
| GPartedâs latest release came out last 
| week.


Ten ways our world is becoming more Shareable

,----[ Quote ]
| 7. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). 
| FOSS and the Internet have a symbiotic 
| relationship. The Internet would not have 
| been possible without FOSS. And the growth 
| of FOSS relies on the Internet to power its 
| peer production and distribution model. 
| Over 270 million people use the Firefox 
| browser. Half of the worldâs Web sites, 
| about 112 million, run on Apache Server. A 
| quarter million websites, including this 
| one, run on Drupal, a leading open source 
| content management system.


Mario Goes Open-Source with Arduino

,----[ Quote ]
| The open-source Arduino electronics 
| platform has received a ton of attention 
| from the hardware enthusiast community. And 
| one more follower is joining the fray--
| Mario himself. The mustachioed plumber of 
| console video game fame has been converted 
| into an eight-by-eight LED matrix by 
| Carnegie Mellon University student Chloe 
| Fan. And, yes, she's even made a separate 
| Arduino device to give her side-scrolling 
| adventure the classic Mario theme.


Why Community Projects Need CRM Too

,----[ Quote ]
| You might think of customer relationship 
| management (CRM) software as something 
| that's only useful for businesses, but it 
| can play an important role in the health of 
| a community project as well.
| Think of it not as "customer" relationship 
| management, but community management 
| software. In every community I've worked 
| with, there's been a revolving cast of 
| participants who each have contact with a 
| slice of the internal community and 
| external contacts for that community. Think 
| about everything from managing conferences 
| and sponsorships, to working with other 
| open projects.


Google Summer of Code 2010 Mentors Announced

,----[ Quote ]
| The role of a mentoring organization is to 
| provide a list of projects for students to 
| choose from, and shepherd a student through 
| the Summer of Code process. The 
| organization is also expected to provide 
| feedback and a written evaluation of the 
| student's work, as well as make sure work 
| is down well and turned in on time.


Why Webscale Companies Need open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Facebook, et. al., would not be possible 
| today if it weren't for open source 
| software. Commodity hardware and open 
| source software have provided the fertile 
| breeding ground for Web-scale sites like 
| Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and others. Of 
| course they're going to turn to open source 
| for the next generation of software. Had 
| the initial stack of software they rely on 
| been proprietary, their existence wouldn't 
| have been possible. But these companies 
| have enjoyed the control and flexibility 
| that open source enables and they are 
| wisely choosing to invest their profits 
| into more of the same.
| Web companies should absolutely, and fully, 
| commit themselves to rolling their own code 
| or hitching their wagon to existing open 
| source solutions. The alternative is to 
| cede an unhealthy amount of control over 
| their infrastructure to outside parties.


Must-have Open Source Applications for Writers


Bursting with reports to deliver? Hereâs a tool for you

,----[ Quote ]
| DocumentBurster is a light, loosely coupled 
| free report-bursting tool that lets you 
| automate high-volume document delivery to 
| customers, vendors, employees, and 
| prospects. You can pay the big money to buy 
| a similar solution from the likes of 
| Oracle, IBM, or BusinessObjects, or you can 
| turn to this open source application.


Why Open Source and Operations Matter in Cloud Computing

,----[ Quote ]
| Earlier this week, IBM announced a cloud 
| computing program offering development and 
| test services for companies and 
| governments. That doesnât sound like much, 
| yet on closer inspection itâs a flagstone 
| in the march toward a comprehensive cloud 
| offering at Big Blue. It also demonstrates 
| how operational efficiency is a competitive 
| weapon in our service economy. Let me 
| explain.


Open source makes another move on Wall Street

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source has made its third big move on 
| Wall Street with Bloombergâs decision to 
| open source its proprietary stock 
| identifiers alongside NYSE-Euronext data 
| streams.
| I say third because Marketceteraâs open 
| source trading platform, under the GPL, has 
| been gold for almost a year. A SaaS version 
| of Marketcetera for portfolio management 
| was also released last year. (They must be 
| working hard there â their latest blog post 
| is dated November.)


Comcast Rolls Out Open Source Tech for IPv6

,----[ Quote ]
| What will it take to get Americans to use 
| IPv6 (define)?
| For one thing, it will require broadband 
| providers like Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) to 
| help users be fully enabled on IPv6 while 
| still being able to access IPv4 content. 
| That's where the new open source Address 
| Family Transition Router (AFTR) software 
| comes into play. 


Google Releases Free Web Security Scanner

,----[ Quote ]
| Though skipfish performs the same functions 
| as other open-source scanning tools like 
| Nikto and Nessus, Google engineer Michal 
| Zalewski argues that skipfish has a several 
| advantages. 


STMicroelectronics speaker at SHARE on-line event

,----[ Quote ]
| We're happy to promote this one - a SHARE 
| SIG on-line event. The organisation's 
| slogan is 'Improving European Embedded 
| System Industry through Open Source SW 
| Sharing'.


Ex-MySQL Chief Marten Mickos Lands New CEO Job

,----[ Quote ]
| Mickos is staying in the open-source world 
| but jumping on a newer computing trend -- 
| cloud computing. Eucalyptus makes an open-
| source software platform for building 
| private clouds, or data centers in which 
| workloads can be moved around across 
| different systems to maximize efficiency.
| The company's software is used as the cloud 
| platform for the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, a 
| software package that includes Ubuntu's 
| open-source operating system. It is also 
| designed to work smoothly with Amazon Web 
| Services and other public cloud services.


Open season

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla. Red Hat. MySQL. The list of 
| companies that have built lasting and 
| successful businesses around open-source 
| software is not a long one.
| It's early days still, but Lucid 
| Imagination Inc. CEO Eric Gries may just 
| have a shot at adding the name of his tiny 
| startup, which offers open-source search 
| software to business customers, to that 
| list.

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