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[News] More New Examples of Free/Standards-based Technology Spreading for Wider Use

  • Subject: [News] More New Examples of Free/Standards-based Technology Spreading for Wider Use
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 13:26:50 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Codec Status Pages

,----[ Quote ]
| Internet Wideband Audio Codec (Active WG)


Can Flash Survive HTML5?

,----[ Quote ]
| Thereâs been a lot of talk lately about 
| HTML5 and whether Flash is in it for the 
| long haul. Word on the street is that HTML5 
| will be able to deliver rich content 
| without the need for a proprietary plugin 
| clogging up your Web browser. 


BT: Canvas will create open market

,----[ Quote ]
| Young said all of the ISPs involved in 
| Project Canvas were promising to make IPTV 
| work like TV all of the time. Fundamentally 
| based on an open source standard, Canvas 
| would create the mass market needed to 
| engage with consumers.


Let's All Get Together

,----[ Quote ]
| But developing standards and open source 
| software are not the only areas where 
| people and companies would like to launch 
| collaborative activities among nationally 
| and internationally distributed 
| participants. The question is, will they 
| know how to go about doing so?


Is Open Source the Answer to Residential Demand Response?

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenADR â the Berkeley Labs open source 
| system for automating the way utilities do 
| demand response â is already being used to 
| control some 70 megawatts of capacity for 
| big industrial and commercial customers of 
| Californiaâs biggest utilities. Could it 
| expand its reach into homes and small 
| businesses? Mary Ann Piette, research 
| director at Berkeley Labsâ Demand Response 
| Research Center, believes it can and 
| mentioned a list of interested parties on 
| Wednesday during a California Public 
| Utilities Commission workshop in San 
| Francisco.


GoAhead Software shifts to open source business model

,----[ Quote ]
| GoAhead Software said that it is shifting 
| its business model and technology strategy 
| from its SAFfire product to an open source 
| software model. In conjuction with the move 
| to open source, GoAhead has also acquired 
| Avantellis from Emerson Network Power.


Voting for trust

,----[ Quote ]
| Located in downtown Palo Alto, Open Source 
| Digital Voting Foundation's goal is to 
| build a publicly owned digital elections 
| system that is practical, secure, 
| affordable and above reproach.


Open Source Washing Machine Project Rethinks Clothes-Washing 

,----[ Quote ]
| Most of us don't think about the cultural 
| context of our washing machines--we just 
| toss in clothes, turn on the device, and 
| don't ponder it further. But the reality is 
| that the majority of people on the planet 
| wash clothes by hand, mostly because of 
| poverty and lack of available resources. 
| Enter the Open Source Washing Machine 
| Project, which rethinks the way we wash 
| clothes based on economical, sociological, 
| cultural and environmental conditions.


The Open Source Washing Machine Project

,----[ Quote ]
| The Open Source Washing Machine Project was 
| created by students from the Ãcole 
| SupÃrieure dâArt dâAix-en-Provence of 
| France. The projectâs objective is to 
| develop affordable alternative washing 
| technologies based on the unique economic, 
| climatic and cultural contexts of different 
| countries.


Cusat to join OSDD programme

,----[ Quote ]
| The Cochin University of Science and 
| Technology(Cusat) will soon become a part 
| of the Team India consortium for the Open 
| Source Drug Discovery(OSDD) programme of 
| the Council for Scientific and Industrial 
| Research (CSIR). The OSDD programme aims at 
| developing modern medicines at cheaper 
| rates and developing newer solutions for 
| diagnosing diseases like TB which are 
| responsible for more than 1,000 deaths a 
| day in India.


Yves Behar and his open-source peopleâs car

,----[ Quote ]
| âA highlight of last monthâs Greener 
| Gadgets conference in New York was a cute, 
| emerald-colored product designed by Yves 
| BÃhar of FuseProject that is aimed for 
| citizens of the developing world who might 
| never have dreamed of possessing such an 
| object.

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