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[News] [Rival] Bill Gates Under Attack for Population Reduction and Whitewashing

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Bill Gates Under Attack for Population Reduction and Whitewashing
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2010 11:37:11 +0100
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Philanthropy or Ethnic Cleansing?

,----[ Quote ]
| At a recent invitation-only conference in 
| Long Beach, California TED2010, Bill Gates 
| actually revealed the true agenda of the 
| Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In a 
| speech titled, âInnovating to Zero!â, Gates 
| announces that his one wish would be  
| reducing man made CO2 emissions worldwide 
| to zero by 2050. He declares: âFirst we got 
| population. The world today has 6.8 billion 
| people. Thatâs headed up to about 9 
| billion. Now if we do a really great job on 
| new vaccines, health care, reproductive 
| health services, we lower that by perhaps 
| 10 or 15 percent.â(emphasis added) -- I 
| generally try not to cuss but WTF!!!!!!!! 
| If you think I'm making this up watch the 
| video (here)
| He actually said in plain English that he 
| expects vaccines and healthcare to LOWER 
| POPULATION GROWTH!!!! Yes, he said 
| reproductive health services too but we all 
| know that's code for abortion and obviously 
| that lowers population (especially in the 
| black community but I digress). Oh yes, did 
| you check out the picture behind him was 
| composed of black and brown people? I tell 
| you, these liberals really do just love 
| black folks to death (pun most definitely 
| intended). 


O'Neill: Taking Gates for a spin

,----[ Quote ]
| It's hardly Gatesgate, but it does beg a 
| key question.
| Why does the School District of 
| Hillsborough County need to spend $375,000 
| on an outside public relations firm to 
| explain the $100 million grant from the 
| Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to the 
| public -- and to its 17,000 teachers? The 
| district has its own staff of 
| communications specialists. If this doesn't 
| fall within its purview, priorities or 
| skill set, something's wrong.
| "We don't have time to do PR," 
| communications director Steve Hegarty told 
| the Tribune.
| We're told that the Gates folks were 
| adamant in putting a premium on 
| communicating what's entailed in its seven-
| year commitment to change how county 
| teachers are recruited, trained and paid. 
| Of course, they want this explained 
| effectively. Nine-figure overhauls require 
| no less. But they never demanded it be put 
| out for bid.


Sterilisation-for-land deal not catching on in Colombia


Gates study on HIV vaccine facility 'fatally flawed': expert

,----[ Quote ]
| A new report from a Canadian vaccine expert 
| pours water on the Harper government's 
| argument a non-profit HIV vaccine 
| manufacturing facility is no longer needed, 
| opposition critics charged Thursday.
| Ron Gerson, president of vaccine 
| manufacturer PnuVax and a pharmaceutical 
| and vaccine industry consultant, critiqued 
| a study from the Gates Foundation, which 
| was one of the main reasons Canada shelved 
| its plans to build a manufacturing 
| facility.
| Gerson, who was involved in initial reviews 
| of bids for the facility, called the Gates 
| study "fatally flawed" because it looked 
| only at the quantity of manufacturers 
| available to produce HIV vaccines for 
| clinical trials, not the quality of their 
| work.


Feds drop plans to build vaccine facility

,----[ Quote ]
| "After weighing all of the evidence, the 
| Government of Canada and the Gates 
| Foundation have decided not to proceed with 
| the pilot-scale vaccine manufacturing 
| facility," says the notice.


What's So Bad About Greed?

,----[ Quote ]
| I work at Microsoft. One of the biggest 
| corporations in the world.


Bill Gates made about 13 billion dollars over the past year.
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