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[News] Fusion of Proprietary and Free Software With Prefab

  • Subject: [News] Fusion of Proprietary and Free Software With Prefab
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2010 08:21:35 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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New Application Could Make All Software 'open Source'

,----[ Quote ]
| Imagine controlling Apple iTunes from 
| inside Microsoft Word without having to 
| switch applications. That could be 
| possible, according to researchers at the 
| University of Washington who are working on 
| a project that could essentially make any 
| proprietary software open source.


Prefab system 'makes all software open source'

,----[ Quote ]
| A University of Washington team has 
| developed a system it says makes all 
| software effectively open source, allowing 
| users to add custom features to any 
| program.
| "Microsoft and Apple aren't going to open 
| up all their stuff. But they all create 
| programs that put pixels on the screen. And 
| if we can modify those pixels, then we can 
| change the program's apparent behavior," 
| said James Fogarty, a UW assistant 
| professor of computer science and 
| engineering.


Is Prefab legal?


GNU/Linux and freedom: non-free software hidden in your GNU/Linux distribution

,----[ Quote ]
| Most people with an interest in software 
| freedom will turn to GNU/Linux as their 
| operating system of choice. Few realize 
| however, that the vast majority of 
| GNU/Linux distros are not entirely free. 
| Imagine migrating away from Windows, only 
| to find that by installing GNU/Linux you 
| are accepting a restrictive Microsoft 
| license!
| Many distros promote the use of proprietary 
| software, knowingly show incorrect 
| licenses, and attempt to hide the problem 
| under the guise of an âoption of freedomâ. 
| When the majority of developers of a 
| collection of software donât care about 
| freedom, neither will their users. Non-free 
| distros make almost no attempts to inform 
| their userbases of the importance of 
| freedom, even though they wouldnât exist 
| without it. I will discuss how the option 
| of freedom is an unacceptable solution, and 
| propose some real fixes.
| The problem
| Iâve been using GNU/Linux for over 5 years, 
| but Iâve only recently discovered just how 
| much non-free software my distro contains. 
| I decided to search through my system and 
| remove everything that was non-free, and 
| there was quite a lot that I removed.



  10 Windows applications that should be ported to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| I canât tell you how many emails, phone
| calls, IMs, and Facebook messages Iâve gotten
| that asked when or if an application would be
| ported from Windows to Linux. Or how many
| times Iâve heard someone say, âI would use
| Linux, if X were ported to it!â So I decided
| to put these wishes to good use and list the
| top applications that should be ported to
| Linux. Some could be possible. Some are not
| (for whatever reason), which is a shame
| because the ânot possibleâ tends to keep
| people from adopting Linux.

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