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[News] SCO's Next Steps Explained

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Legal Strings Remain in Novell-SCO Group Tussle over Unix

,----[ Quote ]
| There are still some dangling legal strings 
| that need to be trimmed, and those won't 
| happen for at least a few weeks -- barring 
| any more appeals, of course, by SCO Group. 
| One of them involves counterclaims by IBM 
| and Red Hat.


SCOG v Novell Fizzles and SCOG Still Sues

,----[ Quote ]
| If trustee Cahn will not do his job the US 
| trustee and the bankruptcy judge should 
| move this thing along.


SCO's 8-K/A - Amending the 8K About the Yarro Loan

,----[ Quote ]
| SCO has filed an 8-K/A with the SEC, and 
| the Explanatory Note says, "This Form 8K is 
| being amended to correct information in the 
| Exhibit 10.4."


Groklaw: How One Person Can Do Big Deeds. Thanks PJ.

,----[ Quote ]
| The endless SCO saga is finally at an end, 
| and justice has prevailed. But without 
| Groklaw, would it have ended differently?
| Let me rephrase that: it will probably 
| continue to sputter and emit random gases, 
| because the nice SCO leadership and their 
| backers are masters of weaving grand 
| propositions out of fantasy, and 
| perpetuating their fantasies in the 
| seemingly non-functional US civil courts 
| system. But for all non-Bizarro world 
| purposes it is over. The SCO vs. Novell 
| verdict settles the key question of who 
| owns the Unix copyrights. Answer: not SCO. 
| I know, it's a little more complex than 
| that because there are several Unix 
| variants. But as far as SCO's silly claims 
| against Linux, it is definitively over. 


SCO, Novell: Grokking Where Credit is Due



,----[ Quote ]
| I remember, seven years later, the sick 
| feeling I had in my stomach that any of the 
| lies SCOG spread about GNU/Linux might be 
| true or that SCOG could tax GNU/Linux which 
| by then I was introducing into schools and 
| classrooms on a regular basis. GNU/Linux 
| was part of me and SCOG was putting forth 
| that I had cancer. Well, I soon discovered 
| GROKLAW and the free flow of good 
| information there calmed my fears.

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