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[News] Digital Economy DEBill Says Away: Democracy at Stake

  • Subject: [News] Digital Economy DEBill Says Away: Democracy at Stake
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2010 22:58:32 +0100
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The DEBill and why it should go.

,----[ Quote ]
| Lilian Edwards (well, her Pangloss 
| persona, anyway) offers another 
| characteristically trenchant analysis here 
| of the shocking mess that is the Digital 
| Economy Bill. The DEBill* appears to be 
| yet another in the growing list of 
| legislative measures in which the Bill is 
| drafted so as to confer disproportionate 
| powers, while we are assured by the 
| sponsoring Ministerâ that they will either 
| never be used, or be used only for good.
| [...]
| The DEBill is wrong at the meta-level, 
| too. Not only does the Bill itself 
| enshrine evasions of due process (as 
| described above), it is also about to be 
| pushed through Parliament without debate, 
| as part of the inappropriately-named 
| "wash-up" process in the closing days of 
| the legislative session.
| On April 6th, the Bill will be given its 
| second reading and then become a 
| bargaining chip in an unaccountable and 
| undemocratic haggling session amongst MPs 
| whose chances of forming part of the next 
| legislature are entirely uncertain.
| I urge you to let your MP know that you 
| object to the Bill and its passage through 
| Parliament.


Coadecâs concerns with Copyright Infringement Provisions of Digital Economy Bill

,----[ Quote ]
| â The biggest concern with the User 
| Notification Rules is the potential effect 
| on ISPs, which includes not just upstream 
| providers but anyone who makes Internet 
| access available (and so theoretically 
| applies to cafes and other providers of 
| wi-fi hotspots). The administrative burden 
| on these smaller ISPs is likely to be very 
| high, and in combination with potential 
| fines of up to Â250,000 for non-
| compliance, these provisions may be enough 
| to put many ISPs out of business. The 
| long-run effect will be substantially 
| reduced Internet access in public places, 
| which (1) will have a disproportionately 
| large impact on the earliest-stage 
| entrepreneurs, who rely on publicly-
| available wi-fi to develop their 
| innovations before they move into an 
| office and (2) conflicts with the 
| Governmentâs mission of make high-speed 
| access widely available. 


Beware as Mandelson sneaks in new web blocking clause 

,----[ Quote ]
| Lord Mandelson,  who is putting through 
| the protectionist Digital Economy Bill on 
| behalf of the wealthy creative industry 
| corporations, has come out with a revised 
| version of the BPI's website blocking 
| clause. But beware, because this is merely 
| a ruse to get 3-strikes carried when it 
| goes before the House of Commons next 
| week. 
| The Clause is not substantially different 
| from the one proposed by Lord Clement-
| Jones and Lord Howard of Rising. All it 
| seems to do is to create another layer of 
| legislation,  and possibly it could have 
| two effects: one is that Mandelson is 
| trying to get the rest of the Digital 
| Economy bill passed before the election, 
| so this is a ruse to leave out the most 
| controversial clause. And, in putting it 
| off until the political  heat is also off, 
| he can sneak it through more easily. 


The Digital Economy Bill: The Power of Not Being Elected

,----[ Quote ]
| The Digital Economy Bill now represents a 
| wonderful opportunity for would-be next-
| Parliament MPs. Show us why we should 
| trust you. Show us that you will stand in 
| the gap and uphold democratic rights and 
| due process. And think before you alienate 
| a good slice of your electorate.
| I guess dinosaurs have to be allowed their 
| ritual dances as they exit the 
| evolutionary stage. And this Bill, flawed 
| as it is, may still become law. Because of 
| clever timing, apathy. And the Power Of 
| Not Being Elected.


Draft Clause 18 Published


Writing (Yet Again) to my MP

,----[ Quote ]
| I would therefore urge you to press 
| ministers for a full debate on the Bill, 
| perhaps by signing this Early Day Motion 
| (EDM 1223):
| âThat this House believes that the Digital 
| Economy Bill [Lords] is too important to 
| be taken further in the last days of a 
| dying Parliament; and considers that a 
| bill with so many repercussions for 
| consumers, civil liberties, freedom of 
| information and access to the internet 
| should be debated and properly scrutinised 
| at length and in detail, with a full 
| opportunity for public discussion and 
| representation in a new Parliament after 
| the general election and not rushed 
| through in the few days that remain in 
| this Parliament.â



The Digital Economy Bill: A taxation on salt

,----[ Quote ]
| MPs have the opportunity now to take the
| Digital Economy Bill in wash-up and do just
| what a wash-up implies: clean it out. If
| they donât, and if lobbies like BPI get
| their way, weâre in for a satyagraha.

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